Marina Introduces A New Application To Better Serve Their Clients

IGY Marinas has entered into a partnership with Boatyard. The company specializes in a mobile application giving boaters the ability to schedule maintenance, have fuel delivered, and more with a couple clicks using their smartphones. There will be five devices for guests that are already pre-loaded available at the marina in South Florida. The application is additionally available through iTunes for all Apple devices and is expected to revolutionize the industry of boating. Guests will spend less time in lines at the fuel docks and more time fishing, swimming, yachting, and cruising.

The Anchor Club Strategic Partners have been pre-loaded on the application by IGY Marina so loyal customers will have a much easier time scheduling service. Gili Wojnowich is the Operations Manager for IGY Marina’s and will receive all inquiries. With the help of her team all requests will be completed. According to Gili Wojnowich the application is simple, sophisticated, and has the capabilities for payment and direct orders. The needs of all customers will be filled with speed and efficiency. Once the application has been perfected expansion to additional locations is expected. The technology is exciting and IGY Marina’s is certain their customers will enjoy the convenience and scheduling services available.

The new partnership will enable IGY Marina’s to expand their mobile technology in 2017. Assorted business ventures are being explored to enhance what the marina can provide for their discerning clients. They believe this relationship has provided the ability to adapt to the virtual environment of modern society and aid in the growth of the brand development. As the CEO of IGY Marina, Tom Mukamal spoke of how hard they have worked to build relationships with numerous brands in the industry. He stated their partnership with Boatyard provided a new way to reach their customers and they look forward to furthering their use of the innovative technology.

Founded by Andrew Farkas, IGY Marina has their base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is the world’s biggest international marina company. Vessels located in the Western hemisphere use them as a point of contact and over 8,000 vessels are serviced each year. IGY caters to mega yachts, sail and cruise ships, and sport fishing. The can accommodate 300 vessels more than eighty feet and provide annual service to 900 superyachts. They provide services including crew training, provisioning, and maritime and health travel. They host nautical events including fishing and international sailing and operate under a philanthropic initiative.

Entertainment Venues in Miami Design District

The Miami Design District and More – Beauty to Behold and a Place for Many Top Artists to Call “Home”

Miami Design District in Florida is not only one of its kind for attracting tourists from all around the world – though primarily those in Central and South America – but it also boasts a reputation of having numerous celebrities within it. People of fame and status have visited this area regularly for several decades and only continue to do so with increasing frequency. Such celebrities have included the following; some have even lived in the district for longer periods:

1. Gloria Estefan
2. Enrique Iglesias
3. Anna Kournikova
4. Lenny Kravitz
5. Shakira
6. Oprah Winfrey
7. Craig Robins

In addition, it has commonly been reported that former Lord of the Rings movie star and Academy Award Winner Orlando Bloom has made a visit or two in the last year – along with the likes of Tyler Perry, Justin Bieber and even Vanessa Hudgens, not to mention countless other great Hollywood minds. These people are some of the best, and for that, they only get the best welcome from the district in turn: Many are kindly encouraged to come back again soon, of which they happily do. In fact, even newcomer celebrities, such as many rising stars within the Disney and Nickelodeon TV show genres, are continually encouraged to pay a visit, reminded of all that beautiful Miami can show them.

Gloria Estefan, for Instance

For example, let’s talk about Gloria Estefan, who is considered a billionaire diva and pop sensation in the world of Latin American music. Did you know that she also holds her own in Miami and would never forget the beautiful Miami Design District within it nonetheless? It’s true: Her roots are right here, and we can see why.

Enrique Iglesias, Another Fine Example

Enrique Iglesias grew up in this beautiful, unique and heavily populated city, and that’s no secret. In fact, though he is constantly on tour and travels the world excessively, he still holds Miami as one of his homes – and the Miami Design District as one of his “top nesting spots”. He was spotted in the area just last month. This son of legendary Julio Iglesias has done everything to make a name that all his own, and he has held that the district’s culture has helped.

New Business Deals by Legg Mason in Baltimore

Growing as an investor entails diversifying your investment portfolio. This is exactly what Legg Mason did after signing deals spanning from hedge funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and real estate. According to Mary Althridge, spokesperson of Legg Mason, these investments will see it become a minority shareholder at Precidian Investments which specializes in ETFs. It will own majority stake at Clarion Partners. In addition, the company made deals to merge its EnTrust Capital and Permal Group in hedge funds management.

Further details on the three deals indicate that, the $585 million buyout of Clarion Partners from former owners, Lightyear Capital, will see Legg Mason become the majority shareholder with 83%. The deal further required the latter to pay for co-investments in the real estate company to the tune of $16 billion by December 2016. Part of the deal was that the management team at Clarion Partners, will retain their 17% minority stake. These include the CEO of Clarion Partners, Stephen J. Furnary and other top-level management who have penned down long-term contracts. By the beginning of the year, Clarion Partners was a subsidiary, fully operational company, affiliated with Legg Mason. To date, Clarion Partners oversees assets worth over $40 billion.

In the second deal, Legg Mason paid $400 million in a partnership with EnTrust. Legg Mason’s Permal and Gregg S. Hymowitz’s EnTrust, were to merge in their hedge funds management. The newly formed company, EnTrustPermal, will combine its $12 billion formerly managed by EnTrust which is made up of over 450 institutional investors’ hedge funds with Permal’s European and retail clients’ $14.5 billion. The collective figure of $26.4 billion ranks EnTrustPermal Company, based on the yearly survey by Pensions & Investments, the fifth largest hedge funds-of-funds company countrywide. A management retention was also seen in this deal. Starting mid-2016, EnTrustPermal was under Gregg S. Hymowitz’s leadership who served as the CEO and also owned 35% stake of the company. Part of the newly-formed EnTrustPermal’s strategy, it will be floating 18 hedge funds strategies across its 11 offices run by 55 financial professionals. This synergetic combination is poised to save the hedge fund conglomerate up to $30-$40 million in costs.

Lastly, the ETF deal with Precidian saw Legg Mason purchase a 19.9% minority stake. The deal was flexible because it allows increase in shareholding, if the latter would want to become a majority owner at Precidian in future. As a result, the three deals have seen Legg Mason begin 2017 with an investment portfolio managing assets in excess of $671.5 billion.

Celebrities That Have Been Seen In the Miami Design District

The Buena Vista neighborhood located between Little Haiti and the Design District in Miami, Florida was first established in the 1920’s. The Buena Vista East Historic District is on the National Historic Registry with numerous mansions that have maintained their integrity and antiquity throughout the years. The Buena Vista neighborhood sits on the Northside of the acclaimed Miami Design District filled with architectural firms, over 130 art galleries, design educational facilities and schools, luxury boutiques, antique shopping, upscale restaurants, and more.

The luxury shopping includes famous names such as Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford, Prada and more. The infamous Art Basel week brings the most talented and influential artists, collectors, designers, curators and others together creating museum-quality exhibits and generating synergy amongst the public.

The Miami Design District attracts celebrities for travel and establishing residency such as Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, and Anna Kournikova. Other celebrities that have purchased homes in the art-deco Miami Design District are Gianni Versace, Sylvester Stallone, Lenny Kravitz, Craig Robins, and Rickey Martin. Other celebs are seen frequently at Prime 112 Steakhouse with private dining rooms in an exquisite antique home where Gloria Estefan, Cameron Diaz, and numerous other prominent figures have dined. The Petit Miami Beach Restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and artistic flare attract artists such as Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein, who partake in the expressive atmosphere regularly. The chic atmosphere of the Sea salt and Pepper Restaurant attracts many famous patrons such as Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham and Sofia Vergara, with international seafood, acclaimed pizza, an outdoor patio lounge, and indoor dining with spectacular Miami skyline city views.

Emilio and Gloria Estefan recently opened Estefan Kitchen serving fine Cuban cuisine. Chef Odell Torres, who heads the Estefan’s Larios on the Beach and Bongos Cuban Café, is overseeing the fine-dining eatery located in the Miami Design District. Stars from around the world not only visit and live in the exquisite Buena Vista and surrounding areas, but, open restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, galleries, and more as one of the hot-spot destinations.

Famous Skyscrapers in NYC and the People Who Own Them

New York City is home to the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and is the sixth tallest building in the entire world; the One World Trade Center. It also features skyscrapers like the Bank of America Tower and the ESRT Empire State Building in Manhattan which were designed with the world in mind. It features a beehive on the roof of the building! We also can’t fail to mention the popular Trump World Tower.

The One World Trade Center

The roof on this high rise is 1,368 feet (417 m) high up in the sky. This iconic building kept the same name as the original World Trade Center, which was completely obliterated on 9/11. It’s massive size consumed an entire block featuring West Street on the west side, Vesey Street on the north side, Fulton Street on the south, and Washington Street on the east side. Currently the land it’s sitting on is owned by The Port Authority and the leases are owned by Larry Silverstein.

The Bank of America Tower in Manhattan

This massive building cost $1 Billion dollars to complete and is said to be one of the most ecologically friendly buildings in the entire world. You should visit the Urban Garden Room at 43rd Street and 6th Avenue, as it is open to anyone who would like to visit. This building has its own greywater system in which it reuses and recycles any rain water it collects. They have also provided some very unique waterless urinals to save on water consumption. In 2013 they invited Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm to maintain and develop two bee hives. The tower has been featured in the hit TV show Daredevil where two actors meet in the lobby for a meeting.

The Trump World Tower

The Trump World Tower has been under a great deal of scrutiny in modern politics as well as during its construction. Over $500,000 were raised opposing the buildings construction. All opponents ended up losing the battle and the tower was raised. It’s currently a residential building that was designed by architect Costas Kondylis. It is 72 floors that were bought and built by Donald Trump and the Daewoo Corporation from South Korea. It is currently the second tallest all-residential building in the world, right behind the 21st Century Tower in Dubai. Many famous people have either rented or stayed in this building, including Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees, Bill Gates, Sophia Loren, and others. In June of 2001 Donald Trump sold the 45th floor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who use the apartments as part of its Mission to the United Nations.

There are so many wonderful high rises in New York City and each of them have a very special and personal story behind them. You’ll never run out of reasons to explore and visit them.

How to Step into the World of Art Collecting in Miami

Stretching back into the earliest days of our society, there has always been individuals who are able to capture the intricacies and nuances of what it means to be a human within frozen moments of their art. Equally stretching into our history, there have always been those who wish to collect these expressions to showcase to the world or in some cases to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.

Though an aged tradition, art collecting has seen a revival in the last few decades as modern artists have found new ways of not only expressing themselves but new ways in which to connect with patrons of the arts.

Entering the World of Art Collecting

If you have begun to make the transition from casual art lover and observer to amateur collector, it may be difficult to know where to begin or even where to find pieces worthy of your collection, especially in a city new to the arts such as Miami.

But none the less if you are undaunted and sure of your eye and tastes, your abilities to source great art will naturally progress. But to get you started

Finding Art Directly From the Artist

Though a little more difficult than other methods of beginning your art collection, building repertoire with local artists in the community can open up your collection to pieces that otherwise you may never have found. Celebrities like Leonardo Di Capro and George Lindemann have taken this step to heart in building his art collection. Often the red carpet attendee is seen attending gallery openings and engaging with featured artists.

Source Your Collection from a Broker

If gallery opening nights and patronage are not your particular tastes, then purchasing from an art broker may be your best option. Miami is home to quite a few dealers and brokers who are able to guide you in your purchase.

New Markets Tax Program boosts Maine’s economy

There has been a tremendous outpour of benefits seen in the state of Maine, all thanks to tax credits for rural development and investment opportunities. The United States Department of Treasury has given $80 million in new markets tax credit capacity in the state of Maine. This made way for economic development projects to create opportunity in rural communities and low income areas. Since these new markets tax credits, there have been nearly one hundred projects since 2004. This effectively created, or preserved nearly 5,000 permanent jobs in primarily rural areas. There have been twenty- two projects financed in Maine, with about $274 million in new market funds. Each dollar that Maine put into the new markets program has in turn generated $21.67 of gross state product. This helped to boost the economic activity, including sales and taxes. It is estimated that the new markets program will result in a $15.8 million revenue gain for the state budget between 2013 and 2021. This gain can be used to help fund other critical state programs. OPEGA has shown that this program has created and/or retained 764 permanent jobs in the state of Maine.


The Maine New Markets Tax Credit program has also created or saved more than 1,000 indirect jobs. Had it not been for this investment program, these jobs would not exist. Thanks to the new markets tax credit program and initiatives of similar effect at both state and federal levels, resources are being secured necessary to make significant improvements and boosts to the economy. This federal program was created to stimulate an investment in the economy and to help economically distressed communities to generate jobs and ultimately improve the lives of the residents. There is even a model for conservation in the rural woods of north-central Maine. This would contribute to the local economy, the environment and social equity, all the while still supporting forest-products, jobs and even new outdoor recreational opportunities for the public.
All in all, there has been tons of economic benefits seen in the state of Maine, all thanks to tax credits for rural development and investment opportunities. The boost to the economy since this program has been tremendous and has brought outstanding results to the state of Maine. With Maine’s economy struggling to get a foothold, the new markets tax program was definitely critical to providing much needed investment to the economic growth of the state of Maine and will likely be boosting and stabilizing the economy for years to come.

IGY Marinas Newest Locale

On January 4th, 2017, a report from Fort Lauderdale, FL about the Island Global Yachting Marinas or IGY Marinas plans to expand were announced. IGY Marinas will increase its marina portfolio’s territory with the add-on of One Island Park within Miami Beach’s Terminal Island in Florida. This will be the first time IGY will expand its world-renowned and award-winning benefits within the Southern Florida region. Numerous international yacht and general boating enthusiasts are ecstatic about the new location’s opening, welcoming the addition of a new 15th district that will be able to accommodate water vessels over 300 feet wide.

IGY Marinas CEO, Tom Mukamal claims “Miami is one of the leading luxury yacht locations in the United States”, he goes on to state that the “This exclusive Miami Beach superyacht facility not only allows IGY to showcase our unmatched services to the superyacht market, but also attract even larger vessels to the destination. IGY Marinas is excited about the year ahead, and we are thrilled to begin 2017 with a marina in South Florida.” The marinas in the newer One Island Park area has one of the biggest and most exclusive tailor made megayacht docks within the U.S.

Gili Wojnowich, the IGY Marinas general manager, has dealt with the operations manager in order to relay the team real-time analysis and direct the executive team working on the construction on the Miami Beach marina locale. Wojnowich has supported countless business developments and marina acquisitions. Along with work experience under his belt, this projects general manager has received a dual Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Spanish from the Emory University, he is also a fluent Hebrew, English, and Spanish speaker. By having a seasoned professional on board the project IGY Marinas hopes to ease its clients in a smooth transition. IGY corporate leadership includes Andrew Farkas, Frank Garrison and Mark Lande.

In addition to being the globe’s largest leader in the business of enormous sea vessel support chains, the IGY Marina based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has locations in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Caicos and many other international provinces. Over 8,000 uncommon and rare seacrafts are serviced by experienced crew members who have extensive knowledge on all nautical transportation and maintenance. IGY Marina’s duties also encompass the catering of a wide-ranging of varying markets such as cruise, sportfish, mega yachts and much more. With over 300 sea faring crafts that usually reach over 80 feet to take in, IGY Marinas is highly capable.


The Window Buying Process Is Fairly Easy

Buying replacement windows for your home should not be a chore. Window manufacturing and selling is a very competitive business so, by extension of that, the process of choosing and buying the right window for you has been made easy by all the competitors involved. However, being in Maryland where seasonal temperatures and conditions can be extreme, thought and care should be put into making your choice. This too can be made easier by focusing on window retailers that are local. They are going to be buying windows from manufacturers who understand the local needs of Maryland residents in terms of the sturdiness and insulating properties of windows.

One such company is Shanco Windows. Based in Gaithersburg MD., with a presence also in Washington DC and Virginia, their windows are going to be suited for the local climates year round. Another good dealer to look into is Thompson Creek. Based out of Columbia MD., they also have a large presence in the north-east. They also have a long-standing reputation as being one of more professional dealers in the area even thought there are a few Thompson Creek window complaints. Now, as stated earlier, you also want to pay attention to the supplier of windows to the dealers/retailers in your area.

Suppliers are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the quality, durability and craftsmanship of the windows you buy. These suppliers are hand-picked by the dealers so, in the case of One Source which is a very professional outfit, you can rest assured that their suppliers will be the same. One such supplier to One Source is MI Windows. They are based in Pennsylvania with manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona. They have been in the business of making windows for more than a few decades now, so they are well-versed in every aspect of a window. From the frames, to the glass, the durability, the look and functionality of their windows as well as the different needs there based on the different local climates all around the U.S.

So, as mentioned earlier, the process of choosing the right window for your home is fairly easy these days. While the information presented here is not complete, it should serve as a good starting point for the choices you need to make.

Windows Suited for Maryland Seasonality

With such a variety of temperatures, Maryland residents know that staying cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and just right in spring or fall, is often dependent on windows. Windows play a significant role in one’s comfort no matter the time of year. While windows help to filter air and sunlight, they also contribute to regulating indoor temperatures.

There are a number of window companies in the “Old Line State” that offer window services for homeowners and increase a home’s energy efficiency, value, curb appeal, and absolute comfort.

Thompson Creek Window Company offers durable and reliable windows made with the highest quality of vinyl and glass able to withstand winds of 153 miles per hour. While you may think such dependable windows may break the bank, Thompson Creek window company can offer cost-efficient services due to being family-owned and operated in Landover, Maryland. Additionally, the company is so confident in the quality of their windows and services, that they all offer a No-Hassle Warranty and Buyer Protection Guarantee.

A no nonsense company since 1945, Wheaton Door and Windows offers numerous window choices to fit your aesthetic desires and tastes including double hung windows, slider windows, picture windows, and more. During winter, Wheaton’s high-performance windows can reduce frost and condensation on interior glass surfaces creating a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family. Wheaton offers Starmark’s advanced heat shield coating to provide better solar heat gain reduction than tinted glass, meaning you save money and the environment!

ClearView Door and Window Company recognizes the difficulty of shopping and pricing windows, so they streamlined the process for you. After extensive research of over 100 manufacturers one could choose from, the Marvin (Infinity and Integrity lines) and the ClearView line of windows are presented for you to choose from. Marvin windows offer the utmost flexibility and customization, while Clearview Windows outperform Energy Star’s standards of certification. Depending on your wants and needs, ClearView Window and Door Company offers everything from wood windows, to fiberglass windows, to Okna-premium vinyl windows to meet your expectations regarding style and functionally.

All of a building’s components—including the windows—are meant to protect you from the elements. Poorly installed windows and low-quality windows won’t perform efficiently, or last very long so take some time to think about the right windows for you before you begin to shop.