IGY Marinas Will Be Managing the National Harbor Marina

IGY Marinas has made an announcement that the National Harbor Marina is now one of their locations. This new Marina is located in the Northeast and will give the company the ability to offer the people who come through the area services they have not had before. This is a milestone in Washington D.C. for IGY Marinas.

IGY has a strategy for expansion they are using continually. This strategy is targeted and precise. National Harbor is one of the most major destinations for tourists and has become a hot commodity for companies who are planning projects for new developments. IGY decided this would be an ideal location according to their plans for expansion.

Tom Mukamal of IGY has stated that National Harbor as well the areas in the Washington D.C. locations were extremely high on the list they have for properties they would like to have for expansion. Factoring in how successful destinations in this area have become, IGY made the decision to make this recent acquisition a yachting capital in the region. They are really looking forward to being able to work with the industry members.

IGY is going to join up with the National Harbor Marina while undergoing the process for integration. They have a plan to begin the services of the company and all of its operations as soon as they can. IGY Marinas is also planning to use the relationships that already exist inside of their network to help heighten the marina’s profile. This will be accomplished by hosting special events and with the use of various philanthropic efforts. Andrew Farkas serves as Chairman for IGY.

The National Harbor Marina has features pertaining to their waterfront that are quite unique. They also have a reputation for excellent customer service. There are over seventy floating dock slips at this marina with the ability to handle a yacht over one-hundred feet long with a draft up to a full nine feet. Some of their amenities include pin coded security gates at the entrance, facilities for laundry, showers that are completely private and Wi-Fi service this is complimentary.

Georgetown Restaurant Attracts High Caliber of Diners

With a spectacular venue that reminds one of the seaside on the coasts of the Mediterranean, you enjoy gorgeous views of Georgetown Harbor and the Potomac River as you sit on the outdoor patio or see through the restaurant’s large windows. Fiola Mare is especially attractive to a star-studded crowd of celebrities, politicos, and to anyone who wants to have a private romantic dinner, host a family or business event, or for any other special occasion that will result in unforgettable memories.

At Fiola Mare you will find the highest-quality and freshest seafood and other delectable delicacies that are exquisitely prepared and can be paired with the finest wines by a staff that is attentive and friendly.

Part of the menu changes daily based on the availability of seasonal ingredients, and those dishes are added to the favorites. Some of the specialties are the Fiola Maine Lobster Ravioli filled with a large helping of lobster meat and a robust sauce, the Risotto with Truffle, the Seafood Tower with its amazing variety of seafood and special sauces, a cappuccino with a pretty heart floating on top, and scrumptious desserts. You really must try the fabulous Bomboloni (ricotto doughnuts) that are warm, airy, soft on the inside, and with a bit of crunch outside. They come with ice cream and a super yummy sauce. You can also indulge in a top-notch brunch with a glass of bubbly, three courses, and a warm pastry basket.

The talent and passion of the hands-on owners, Maria and Fabio Trabocchi, is evident in their third fascinating restaurant, which is now added to the well-known and well-appreciated Fiola and Casa Luca. They deserve the title they have been given as “the Nation Capital’s most dynamic culinary couple.”

The trio thrives in the world-class Washington DC market of global dignitaries, heads of State, and other politicians. Some notable guests include UAE ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba, Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

President Obama celebrated his 55th birthday on August 4 of this year and spent over three hours enjoying the cuisine and the atmosphere. A crowd gathered and sang “Happy Birthday” to the President outside the restaurant. Those lucky people were out for an evening stroll, discovered that part of the Georgetown waterfront was blocked off for that birthday dinner, so waited until the dinner was finished. Oprah has also been seen dining there as well as frequent political figures.

Looking For Art in Miami: Not a One-Stop Event

If there’s one thing that can be said about Miami, it’s that there’s no lack of places to buy art or go view it. From Miami Beach to South Beach, and Wynwood too, this place is a magnet for art collectors, art enthusiasts and just plain folks with an afternoon or evening to spend taking in the sights of the world of art in Miami.

Miami Beach especially turns into an art collector’s Mecca come December as collectors and enthusiasts alike assemble for the Art Basel Miami Beach, South Beach and Wynwood events. As one wanders in the largest North American art marketing event, one can get a feel for the many art deal transactions, negotiations and even dynamic trading that goes on. Engaging in vigorous dealings by experienced art collectors, artists and art-buying newbies, art acquisitions are traded or transacted on a daily basis during the several day seasonal event.

Some Tips Of Advice

If seriously of the mindset of buying or collecting art, then there are some general tips of advice to follow before making the plunge. There’re simply too many outstanding fairs to cover in one’s quest for art, so it’s best to filter out those that least standout by slowing down and not being caught up by the energy generated at Art Basel. Among the top fairs to visit are Scope, Miami Project, X Contemporary, Context and Design Miami. However, the most basic rule of thumb for collectors is to simply buy works that they like and can live with.

Celebrity Hound? Miami Has You Covered

Needless to say, those in well-known celebrity status circles have always been avid collectors. Many can easily remember the collections that belonged to famed actor Vincent Price. Today, the tradition of art collecting continues be it out a love for art per say, as a tax write-off or both.

Contemporary actor Leonardo di Caprio especially frequents art shows in Miami hoping to add to his personal collection. Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, and George Lindemann are other celebrities frequently spotted viewing art works at Art Basel.

While fine photographic art is the way to go for Sir Elton John, he also frequents Miami Beach in his quest for new collections of every kind. Diane von Furstenberg and those amazing Kardashians are also likely to bump into other collectors. Frankly, the spectacle of stars and celebrities alone is worth a scheduled trip to Miami Beach and Wynwood area events.

Regardless of which of the fairs in Miami one attends, Miami Beach, Wynwood or South Beach, this is the place to be for those who love art in any form. Most fairs begin the day after Thanksgiving and go into the first week in December ending on December 4. Make plans now for next year by visiting this visitor website.

FDA Makes a Move in Food Health

If you like statistics and food loaded with trans fats, this article will probably be disturbing. On the other hand, what the FDA finally had the guts to do when it concerns trans fat in food, may, in the end, save your life. Of course, those eaters who simply can’t live without a “trans fat” fix, will probably still be able locate a food in your city that will ignore the FDA rule.

What Are Trans Fats Anyway?

Well, to start with it’s artificial that should tell you something. And just a dab of common sense should, along with the FDA, tell you that it’s not “generally recognized as safe” to be used in food people eat. That said, the Food and Drug Administration gave all food manufacturer three years to remove the partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) from the products they sell to the public – that’s you and me. However, knowing how our government works, these companies can make plea to the FDA for a “special permit” to use this stuff called trans fat, but you can’t use it unless FDA approved.

What Your Body Is Telling You About Trans Fat!

Before anybody in this country wised up about how bad this trans fat stuff really is, here’s a clue that should open your eyes:
* Eating a diet that is rich in trans fat has been liked to higher body weight, memory loss, raising your bad or LDL, cholesterol in the blood, which in turn can lead to damaging your heart – think: cardiovascular disease which actually is the leading cause of death in the United States.

It took a while for the FDA to determine that trans fats are no longer a good thing to inject into your body. Former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg helped to push the legislation. And since 2006, manufacturers had to note the trans fat content on all their food products. So in the final analysis dietary guidelines in this country suggest that if you still need that “fix” there will always be a food product or restaurant that still uses trans fat, but you should consume as little as possible. However, back in the 1950s and 1960s the FDA mistakenly told everyone in America that butter and egg were bad for you, and pushed people to use margarine. What the FDA failed to mention was that margarine is basically trans fat. Yep, trans fat is persona non grata and its way past time.

The Driving Force Behind the Booming Miami Design District

Imagine this – sunny skies, a warming and joy-filled summer heat radiating off of the sandy white beaches and crispy clear waters. If you can imagine this, you are picturing yourself in the beautiful Buena Vista, Miami, Florida.

Home to some of America’s most beautiful beaches and affluent real estate properties, Buena Vista is an ideal spot for a tourist and citizen hopeful. It is there you can find top notch attractions and quality cuisine that is known to have its patrons falling head over heels. Buena Vista is loaded with many notable points of interest as well as promoting the Disney brand and Lake Buena Vista.

The area is historical and well known for providing an excellent selection of homes, employment opportunities, top notch options for education, great shopping venues, quality medical treatment facilities and care, cultural diversity and of course, the best dining establishments you can find.

Buena Vista has undergone a significant change over the years with its population increases and opportunities for tourism. It has become one of the premium hot spots in the state of Florida and the population is rumored to be growing by 100 new citizens daily. It is a residential neighborhood area with some of the oldest properties dating back to the early 1920’s. This specific area has a very historical feel and is surrounded with mom and pop shops, cafe and perfectly maintained foliage. The highways and landscaping around Buena Vista are some of the most gorgeous and refreshing sights the area has to offer.

The area has been known to exude quite a cozy feel by having such active, dreamy neighborhoods and excellent places to walk and stroll. This is a very big selling point for those who plan to purchase or lease a home. Public transportation is mostly used in this area such as the bus system and bike riding.

This quiet community has seen its fair share of notable figures such as Craig Robin, Billy Joel, George Lucas, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman. This area is never without a famous face or two, so visitors must keep their eyes peeled for celebrities who are in town visiting the beach.

This beautiful neighborhood has so much to offer to those hoping to settle in sunny Florida. Even taking the time to spend a vacation or holiday in the community will hopefully be what you or your family are looking for.

What investors look for in NYC urban real estate development?

New York City is a large place. Millions of people live here. Millions more commute here as well each day. Living and working here offers many advantages. Investing in the real estate market here is also popular. An investor is likely to see their investment grow and expand as the city continues to be desirable location. Those who invest in the area like big developers such Trump, Joe Sitt, Ratner, Toll Brothers and Kushner Properties know that it is important take multiple factors into account before making the commitment to invest in a given property in the area.

Location, Location, Location

The old adage that location is everything also holds true when investing in the area. A good location is imperative in New York City as well as anywhere else. The savvy investor will carefully consider exactly where the property is located. Certain neighborhoods may be up and coming while others may have peaked. It is important to read up as much as possible about the specific area before making any investment decision about a Manhattan property or any other property in the five boroughs of this area. Up to date date is imperative that should include the price of properties that have sold in the last few weeks.

Transportation is Also Important

Many New Yorkers prefer to buy a property is located near a major transit area. New York City is home to over a dozen subway lines. Riders can take the subway to work each day in most places in the five boroughs. Certain areas, however, such as the Upper East Side are not as well served by subways. A buyer may have to walk several blocks to find a station. Other parts of the area are also under served by certain subway lines including Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Zoning Regulations

Parts of New York are often heavily regulated by city regulations. A given open lot or already existing building may be covered by laws that prevent the expansion of the building. It is also possible for an expansion to be possible but limited to only a certain number of floors. An investor should find out as much as possible about potential expansions. The same is true of any given apartment in the area. Buying an apartment and combining it with another space may not be allowed under the existing laws or laws that date back a long time.

Trans Fats Banned by the FDA

Fat has long been known to be a cause of major health concerns. Diet is essential to maintaining a healthy body and improving both length and quality of life. Fat builds up in organs and clogs arteries contributing to heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, and strokes. Fat also adds extra weight to the body without building any lean muscle mass. This places a lot of increased stress on joints, leading to earlier development of arthritis along with a decreased amount of daily energy and ability to exercise. Foods that are high in fat contribute to the development of these problems.

With improved healthcare research, the FDA, food companies, and academic researchers alike began to discriminate began “good” and “bad” fats. Trans fats fell into the “bad” list. As former FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg helped to spearhead this initiative. While popular media portrays trans fats as the substance that makes our food taste good, ultimately they are also the fats that contribute to a large number of costly and deadly health problems. These fats are formed when companies use hydrogenation on liquid oils. This makes these products act similar to butter, commonly used to make food taste better, but the result is also unhealthier than butter. Therefore, the FDA has instituted a new policy that forces these companies to gradually remove the use of these products over the next three years.

Trans fats are commonly used to make food taste better, but also cause harmful effects on cholesterol, largely contributing to the health problems previously described. They can be commonly found in fried foods at fast food restaurants, such as in onion rings and fries, as well as in goods such as pie crust and pizza crust. Microwave and movie popcorn also contain a high amount of trans fats. This is why these foods have developed a reputation for being unhealthy as well.

In making this move, the FDA sends a statement that it is committed to improving the health, safety, and diet of all citizens, while the companies will argue that people should be free to make decision on what they want to eat for themselves. Regardless, the clear message is that trans fats will not be allowed in foods made by American companies in the next three years. It remains to be seen whether this move will improve the health of Americans, a result unlikely to be proclaimed until years after this new regulation is in full effect across the country.

Why Curb Appeal is So Important

curb-appeal-drivewayWhen it comes to selling homes, the old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover” couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, if you want to sell your home, make the outside look great. Do an analysis of the outside of your home. Think of color, order, and utility. Look at what you would think if you were trying to buy the home. What distractions are there? To have a high resell value, make the house shine with a new coat of paint. Psychological studies show that humans are attracted to certain colors for different reasons. In painting your home, consider how the color of your home may invoke certain reactions.

If you are trying to market your home to male or female buyers equally, consider adding some blue. Blue is a color that has equal popularity with men and women. Comic books with purple on their covers sell better. Avoid using orange, because it has the strongest negative and positive associations with different people. Grey is neutral, but kind of grouchy. Good psychological choices for your home’s exterior paint job are white, blue, green, and purple shades.

The next thing to consider is your lawn. Sometimes, homeowners let their lawn go, with disastrous results for the curb appeal. If the lawn is in bad shape, it is quicker to tear out the existing lawn, and replace it with flower beds or a fruit garden. This will add significant value to your home, and it will make the prospective buyers want your home just so they can get some tasty fruit. The investment cost for putting in a garden is usually low compared to the produce you get from selling a home with a garden.

Lighting is also essential. Grab some inexpensive solar lights, which do not require wiring. Intersperse them at key areas around your house to highlight your delightful new paint job. This will help buyers feel welcome before they even step into the home.   If there are other homes for sale in your neighborhood, what is the competition afraid of? As Than Merrill of the real estate education company Fortunebuilders recently said, “No matter how good the interior of your home looks, buyers have already judged your home before they walk through the door.”

So make the goal before the sale to make your home more attractive, not just inside but out. Using color, gardens, and lighting will serve as powerful tricks of the trade to help those who want to buy your home see its beauty.

Miami’s Buena Viasta Area Revitalization Draws Designers, Celebrities, and Tourist to the Area

The restoration and rebirth of the Design District in the Buena Vista area of Miami has been led by developer Craig Robins of Dacra Development. He began his work in the Design District eight years ago when he purchased warehouses and other decaying buildings covering an 18-block-area and restored and turned them into a retail centers and galleries. The area has blossomed since the revitalization, boasting more than 40 design firms and 50 show rooms and featuring a variety of shops, art galleries, and eateries.

Craig Robins Beach

If you love Hollywood culture and hope to spot your favorite actor or actress in the area, you are in luck. Many celebrities frequent the Design District. Elle Macpherson, Lenny Kravitz, Craig Robins, Zoe Kravitz, and Jesse Jo Stark were recently spotted at the opening of Chrome Hearts. While Madonna, George Clooney, and Beyoncé have been spotted in various locations throughout the district. Hot spots include: The Cypress Tavern, Adamar Fine Art, Ella, Gavanna, and Laduree.

There are many luxury boutiques and retail stores including Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, and Prada in the neighborhood. If you enjoy shopping, you will love this area which currently boasts more than 70 store currently open with another 60 opening by next year. Stores that will be coming by the end of next year include Saint Laurent, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Creed, and many more. It is sure to be a dream for any fashionista.

For those who love to view, purchase, and collect art, there are many art galleries in the area. The Design District includes Adamar Fine Art, Locust Projects, Opera Gallery, Maman Fine Art, and other art galleries. There is also an incredible display of public art including Jungle and Vortex by 2×4, Dash Fence by Marc Newson, and Fun by John Baldessari

Whether you want to sip on a cappuccino at the Bsweet Coffee Shop, eat a pizza with friends at Harry’s Pizzeria, or enjoy the cooking expertise of Chef Michael Shwartz at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink or Cypress Tavern, the Design District offers a variety of dining options to satisfy your culinary cravings.
Soon to open is Paradise Plaza, which will feature four restaurants from Chef Joël Robuchon; L’Atelier, Le Bar, La Boutique, and La Terrace. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten of ABC’s Kitchen will also open a restaurant in the area later this year.

Vacation like a baller in Miami Florida

Buena Vista in Miami, Florida is a very hot, trendy place to vacation. It started as a small village in the 1890’s but quickly grew over the years. People began to move to the area when a railroad was built in 1896. It was easier to get supplies from the train than from the old docks in Lemon City. Buena Vista continued to grow and it soon became a highly sought after neighborhood for the wealthy.

Charles Deering was a millionaire who purchased a sizeable portion of land here. Deering was a conservationist and his influence helped to preserve the natural beauty of the land here. He would not allow roads to be built and it remained undeveloped for some time.

From the 1920’s to the 1940’s, things started to change. Art Deco was a very popular architectural style. It was popular all over the world. It originated in France and it was a style that represented an embrace of new technology but also incorporated decorative arts and industry.

While you’re visiting, you will have an exciting and unique array of entertainment options. If you are interested in the life of the rich and famous, you will be in heaven during this vacation. Celebrities love Miami and have been coming here for a very long time.

Celebrities like Lil Wayne love to party. There are nightclubs all over Miami but if you want to spot him and his squad, you can most likely find him at “LIV” on Sunday night, or at “Dream” on Wednesday night.
If you would rather go to an upscale restaurant, you could spot David and Victoria Beckham dining at “Lucali” in Sunset Harbour. After a gourmet meal, the couple loves to shop and sightsee in the Design District. It is filled with art galleries, upscale shops and boutiques, and a wide variety of trendy restaurants and nightclubs. “Harry’s Pizzeria” is a celebrity hot spot with great food and tasty, locally brewed beer. It was ranked in the top 25 Best Pizzerias in the U.S. by “Food and Wine” magazine.

I have only given a few examples of the fun things you can do on vacation in Buena Vista, Miami, Florida. There is so much to do here, you should plan to stay for a while. Just to warn you, you will see so many stars, you might believe you are one by the time you leave!