College Advice for Incoming Freshmen

College is an exciting time and a period in your life where you will learn quite a bit, both in the classroom and about life. While it’s great to discover new things along the way, there are a few tidbits you might want to have before the fun starts. This is particularly true about matters of safety. Here are some things those who have gone before you wish they had known about college before they got there.

Spend Time On Campus
Movies and television shows make campus life look easy, but it may actually take you awhile to make new friends. One of the best ways to find new friends is to stay on campus. It will be tempting to go home to your old friends and comfortable life every weekend, but you won’t make friends at school if you’re never there. Don’t expect your new social life to form overnight and don’t underestimate the importance of making friends who can watch your back and help keep you safe.

Trust Your Gut
You’ll meet a lot of new people at college, and not all of them will be nice. Use the buddy system rather than going out alone and always trust your instincts. Try to arrange double dates or go out in a group when getting to know a new romantic interest and always watch your drink at bars and parties. Never leave a drink unattended and consider products like Undercover Colors. When used, this nail polish sticker changes colors when exposed to drugs commonly used to facilitate date rape and provides a discreet way to verify that your drink is safe to consume.

Stay Connected
While you need to invest some time and effort into making new connections at school, it is a good idea to stay connected to someone you can trust back home. Make sure a family member or close friend has a copy of your class schedule and knows what activities you participate in. Apps like SafeTrek can even notify police and send them to your location if you find yourself in an unsafe situation while walking home alone. Share contact information so your friends and family can get in touch with each other if there is any concern about your location or safety.

Headphones and cell phones are a great way to tune out the world, but there are times when you shouldn’t zone out. Headphones may help drown out background noise when you’re studying in your dorm or the library, but don’t use them when walking across campus alone. There are times when it will be safer to be aware of your surroundings. While most college students would rate their iPod or cell phone quite high on their must-have list when packing for school, these items may be distractions you should try to minimize your dependence on.

Solutions offered in home window companies

Windows are an important part of a home. It allows sunlight to come in to illuminate the interior while it keeps out the elements. Residents in Maryland that are looking for a window company that is local and that offers superior products can find what they are looking for within the state’s borders. Companies such as Thompson Creek Reviews, Quality Window & Door Inc., and Window World of Baltimore offer Maryland residents the convenience and ease of shopping for windows locally so that they can get the windows that they want at a price that they are willing to pay.

Why choose a Maryland home window company

The choice for a Maryland resident to choose a local company is pretty easy. A local company gives a better buying experience than a company from across the country. A local showroom allows prospective buyers to browse face to face instead of online. They can see the window in its actual size, and they can talk face to face with a customer service representative in order to have all of their questions answered as well as any of their concerns put to rest. A growing number of Maryland residents also like the fact that they are putting money back into their local community instead of giving to a company that is not local. People feel better when they give to their local community because they feel as if they are taking pride in their locality and that is important to them.

There are many choices for Maryland residents when it comes to purchasing windows. Some people may feel as if they can get a better deal over the internet. Many times, that is simply not the case. Local window companies offer the advantage for the customer of not having to pay to have the windows freighted cross country. They can simply pick them up locally or have them delivered. They can also build a face to face relationship with the company’s representatives and that is important for many residents that are considering updating their existing windows. While they talk to them, they can ask about installation, warranty information, and color selection. Although the internet is a great source for information, many Maryland residents feel as if purchasing windows from an out of state window provider is too disembodied and they would rather stay true to their hometown values and choose local.

Where to Find That Special Artwork in Miami

The art you hang on your walls should be a personal reflection of who you are.
We all know that, but finding the right art work at a price that fits your budget can be a harrowing experience, even when you do realize that the artist has probably put hundreds of hours into that one piece of artwork.

The point is when you live here in Miami, there comes a moment when you want to start or expand your art collection by adding a few nice pieces to your home, but you must take into account that it is as much about the search as it is the piece. Famed collectors ( such as the Lindemann have spent their entire life collecting and finding the right art work. So to get you started off on the right foot we’d like to share a few tips on how to find the right kind of art in Miami.

1. Art Galleries
Like many contemporary cities, Miami has a fair share of nice art galleries. These are mainly located within the Wynwood Art District or the Miami Design District. Periodically stroll through the galleries to better understand the type of art you like. You never know, you might just be strolling with friends through the district and find that art piece you can’t live without. But even if the prices seem out of your range here, making a few trips to the local Miami galleries can help you understand your taste and determine what you are looking for.

2. Art Fairs
Miami has a number of yearly art fairs you want to look for. These include the Art Miami fair, the Miami River Art Fair, or the PInta Miami are great places to meet local artists and choose the artwork you want. You’ll find all types of options here from prints to original oils, mixed media and oils here.

3. Facebook
Many local Miami artists have a social media page on Facebook where they list their latest works. So when you know you like a certain artists work, you might try to find him directly.

4. Studio Visits
Look around the Wynwood art district to find flyers or information on studio visits. Many artists will host studio visits on a certain day, or will host private visits if you call ahead and make a reservation.

5. Websites
If you have friends or family that have artwork you like, consider looking for the Miami artist online. Most artists in Miami have learned to make friends with the digital world. Look for their website, and you may find samples of their portfolio or artwork there.

Finding the right artwork is just as much about the search as it is about the work that hangs in your living room. It’s this that makes collecting art in Miami so much fun, and certainly, a worthwhile process.

The Driving Force Behind the Booming Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is one of the hottest new areas in South Florida. The driving force behind this vibrant area is the diversity and innovative designs of its new venues. Whether it’s creative living spaces, funky new restaurants, upscale boutiques, or internationally known art galleries, the booming Miami Design District is steadily gaining a reputation for being one of the places visitors to the region must visit. The area has a relaxed feel, is pedestrian friendly, and is welcoming to visitors of every age and culture. There is something for everyone in the Miami Design District.

One of South Florida’s newest enclaves, the Miami Design District is alive with excitement. Renovation and new construction has the area constantly evolving into a better, more nuanced entertainment destination. While other parts of Miami are known for loud music and throngs of people roving from one party hotspot to another, Miami Design District has a feeling of understated elegance and civility. It’s an area people visit when they want quality experiences away from the maddening crowds. The laidback atmosphere of the District is part of its attraction.

When it comes to contemporary art, few places in South Florida can match the Miami Design District. There is the Institute of Contemporary Art which offers art exhibitions, programs, and collections to enhance the public’s appreciation of the work of established and emerging artists as well as innovative, experimental artistic expression. Another of the exciting elements of the Miami Design District is Miami Art Week. During this time the community is awash with the works of world-renowned artists.

Another thing that makes the Miami Design District unique is the high quality of its public art. People on foot or in their automobiles can enjoy pieces like Vortex, Jungle, Fun Part 1 and 2 by John Baldessari, Elastika by Zaha Hadid, Konstantin Grcic’s Netscape, Dash Fence by Marc Newson, Le Corbusier created by Xavier Veilhan, Mathew Ritchie’s After Light, and many others. The entire Miami Design District feel like an outdoor art gallery.

The area also boasts some amazing art galleries. They include Swampspace, Markowicz Fine Art, Locust Projects, Adamar Fine Art,Opera Gallery, de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space, Maman Fine Art, and Aravelo Gallery. Visitors to the Miami Design District may run into Elle Macpherson at a cocktail party at the Hermès boutique, or Craig Robins and Kate Hudson there for an event.

Bean to Bar Chocolate in New York: A Must-Try

The Process

Known for unique taste and direct trade, the bean to bar chocolate industry fills a very specific demand in New York City. Bean to bar chocolatiers go through every step of the chocolate-making process themselves – as opposed to melting and molding chocolate bought in bulk – but turning raw cacao into silky bars of chocolate takes a lot of work.

  • Roasting – Beans are roasted at varying temperatures, producing different flavors.
  • Winnowing – Removing the shells, creative chocolatiers use them for flavor and texture.
  • Grinding – The cocoa beans are ground into paste used to produce chocolate bars and cocoa butter.
  • Conching – These ingredients are blended with sugar and vanilla and “conched” – mixed at high temperatures to remove acidity and develop flavor.
  • Tempering & Molding – Final ingredients are added to cooled chocolate, which is molded and cooled, and finally edible.

Bean to Bar Chocolatiers and Chocolate in New York

Opening Mast Brothers Chocolate in 2007, Michael and Rick Mast both discovered and created the artisanal chocolate market in New York City, and those who follow their footsteps now create high quality chocolate and focus on ethical business practices.

These chocolatiers source beans directly from farmers, pay above-market prices, and profit-share. The farmers respond by perfecting drying and fermentation methods to preserve the beans’ unique flavors – a crucial quality as bean to bar chocolate entrepreneurs boldly compare artisanal chocolate to wine tasting and coffee cupping.

Several other innovative chocolatiers are revolutionizing the artisanal chocolate scene in New York as well:

  • Raaka Chocolate – Ryan Cheney and Nate Hodge sell bourbon-cask-aged, ghost pepper, and smoked chai virgin chocolate – neither roasted nor raw, but both organic and vegan.
  • Cacao Prieto – Daniel Preston, Roger Rodriguez, Jennie Muoio, and Steve Lesce have created passion fruit, mandarin and bergamot, and orchid chocolate from single origin Dominican organic cacao.
  • Fine & Raw – Daniel Sklaar’s green chocolate shop aims to “save the world through silliness and chocolate” flavors such as mesquite, bonbon, and ginger.

Regardless of the flavor or company, bean to bar chocolate in New York City is a must-try for any chocolate fanatic.

The Boarding School Life Experience

According to information provided by, more than 60% of potential students select all-inclusive schools as a result of the instruction standard and the social networking that can be achieved there. Educators, teachers, and other employees regularly have a more top to bottom training for them when contrasted with instructors out in the open secondary schools. With regards to instruction, all-inclusive teachers see their employment as to a greater extent a calling–a life commitment. Schools like Philips Exeter Academy or St. George’s School offer this kind of instruction for students and provide a well-rounded academic and living experience.


Potential students at life experience schools likewise tend to locate their scholastic commitments at an elevated achievement level, bringing about a more elevated amount of learning and social contact and a sense of heightened global perspective. This is demonstrated by the certainty the live-in school resident students spend more than twice as much time concentrated on homework than resident students who go to government funded schools. In any case, they’re more likely to enjoy the educational experience with likeminded students.
Since most students at live-in schools live on grounds full time, they are continually encompassed by their companions and counselors. These relationships turn into an awesome network when it comes time to start a career. Happy secondary teachers feel at ease conversing with students in the classroom setting. They additionally help resident students to discover who they are all alone and figure out how to discuss successfully with others, both companions and grown-ups.
Recent graduates who have gone to a life experience school have the chance to be better motivated when they are setting off for college and past. In addition to the fact that they will probably discover achievement adjusting to the thoroughness of college studies and the scholarly world, however they are additionally more arranged for social changes, adulthood, and to enter the workforce. This is on account of life experience schools oblige youngsters to tackle more obligation and freedom than customary government funded schools do. All-inclusive school participants rapidly discover that you will just get out what you put in–you can’t lay on simply skating by in life.
While the reality of the matter is that going to a life experience school does not give resident students a restricted ticket to cash and achievement, it gives them an opportunity to exploit numerous open doors not accessible to young people. Also, over the long haul, these advantages aren’t to be overlooked.

Prepare for your next golf tournament like a pro

Being adequately prepared for golf games and tournaments is the key to success. Golfing pros like Phil Mickelson and Jordan Spieth are fully aware of the commitment needed to succeed in the game of golf. In a PGA Championship interview Tiger Woods talked about the important ways that he prepares for games. Woods discussed the importance of examining the course and becoming familiar with it. He also stressed the need to remain in top physical condition. His personal fitness routine involves weight lifting and running. He was adamant about the need for endurance throughout the game. While physical preparation is important, there is also the need to prepare mentally. Jordan Spieth is very committed to mental preparation. In an interview with the San Diego Union Tribune he talked about the time he spends analyzing everything from previous games. Spieth identifies things that he executed well and is always looking for ways to improve. He stresses that the decisions he makes are vital to his success on the course. Spieth also prepares by using an advanced golf simulator from Full Swing Golf.

Geek Wire reports that the simulator analyses things like the angle, spin rate, and the distance the ball travels. The time and work that Woods and Spieth have invested in their careers has met with great success. Both have won the Masters championship and enjoyed the benefits that come with it. There is of course the purse money that the champion is awarded, this year it was 1.8 million dollars. The status of being the reigning champion creates multiple opportunities for product endorsement deals. Tiger Woods has certainly benefited from his deals with Nike and EA Sports. The champions also enjoy the status that comes with wearing the coveted green jacket. The honor of being given a place in the champion’s locker room at Augusta National and the opportunity to host the Champions Dinner. These are the experiences that Jordan Spieth has enjoyed. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News he talks about how he enjoyed wearing the green jacket while grilling with friends. After winning the 2005 Masters Tiger Woods said that winning left him with a feeling of validation. The success that these champions enjoy is only achieved by hard work, but it pays off in tangible and perhaps most importantly intangible ways.

The Driving Force Behind the Booming Miami Design District

Buena Vista Miami Florida is an exciting and warm domestic location that has a lot of celebrities enjoying the benefits of the area. This section of Miami is made up of a creative and design culture that grows to be irresistible. The buildings and art reflect pure imagination that is comfortably tucked away and functioning as a historically modern, culturally infused neighborhood.

It is not surprising to find that celebrities like Kate Hudson and Pharrell Williams came out to Buena Vista to celebrate the 50th birthday of Craig Robbins. Mr. Robbins is a well knowing and iconic figure that has transformed the Buena Vista area in the last few years. As a designer Mr. Robbins has been able to attract high end buyers, and vacationers with interests in being a part of his work.

Yes, the celebrities, and the wealthy know how to appreciate quality when it is being experienced. Some designers and celebrities have made contributions and invested in the preservation of the Buena Vista Miami Florida area. The area has also been referred to as “Timeless Miami”, because Buena Vista rests directly in the middle of a historic district. This within itself makes the area unique and an attractive destination to visit.

The social scene in Buena Vista Miami Florida has tourists and regulars mixing it up at local area clubs. The entertainment and nightlife is a main attraction for the younger crowd of millennials, but there are plenty of entertainment options for the older crowds as well. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has also been spotted regularly attending clubs throughout the Buena Vista Area. Night life isn’t the only scene that is popular in Buena Vista; there are also plenty of things to do in the area during the day time.

Buena Vista has a history of being a quaint location that has everything anyone could possibly need on a vacation. The area has been said to be a dream for tourists that are in the mood to enjoy luxury shopping experiences close to the beach. The area provides many luxury accommodations that other world class neighborhoods could only dream of providing.

Pro Golfers Share How to Improve at the Sport

Phil Mickelson believes that golf is deceptively simple. It’s easy to learn and once learned, a golfer can spend years improving the game. The following paragraphs have some tips that several professional golfers would like to pass along for players who don’t have their own personal golfing instructors. It helps to take advantage of training videos that show professional golfers in action.

Tip1: Eric Johnson suggests the player identify his weaknesses as a golfer. He recommends that the player keep track of how many shots it takes to get the ball into the hole. Johnson believes that the golfer should keep track of fairways hit, greens in regulation, short game up and downs and total putts.

Tip 2: Sean Parees thinks that poor shots are due to poor alignment of the club and the ball. He thinks that a pre-shot routine will be very helpful. Parees says to place feet together and in line with the ball. He believes the golfer should line up the golf club with an intermediate target. Parees says that the player should take one small step with his left foot while looking at the real target. The player should take a larger step with his right foot. He thinks it also good to practice the distance between player and ball by placing two clubs on the floor.

Tip 3: Kevin Shields believes that the one thing that separates the amateurs from the pros is clubface control. He believes that some players either open the clubface too wide on the backswing or have it open too much when they make a downswing. To correct this problem, Shields suggests that the bottom or right hand should be twisted on the club, making sure the swing is facing away from the player. What’s square at the top is really opened by 90 degrees. Make sure that most of the rotation comes from the hands and the arms.

Tip 4: Sean Parees suggests that it can improve a golfer’s swing if he rotates his torso. Rotating the torso gives the swing some power. The biggest mistake many golfers make is to give power to their swing by moving their arms and wrists. When making that upswing, it’s a good idea to reverse the way the backswing was made.

Tip 5: The best way to improve at golfing is to practice at a driving range and bring along a plan.

Revitalization of the Community Is Paramount in Buena Vista

The Buena Vista area around Miami is one of the places that is being revitalized most vigorously by the local government. New shopping malls, movie theaters and restaurants are rising up in the area where celebrities are now flocking. Celebrities who have been seen in the area come there because it is so new, and this article explains how a revitalized community can bring back life to the area.

#1: A High Tide Raises All Ships

The revitalization of the Buena Vista community is bringing back celebrities like Craig Robins who want to see the cosmopolitan locations in the area. Bella Thorne is a very popular star who has been seen in the area sunning, relaxing and playing with her friends. She has visited gyms in the area, and she has taken an endless amount of bikini-clad photos in the area. Her stunning beauty is difficult to miss, and the Buena Vista community has many star-watchers coming to the area to see celebrities the likes of Bella Thorne.

#2: The Community Has Many New Star Chefs

Star chefs are coming to the Buena Vista area because it is less-crowded, and every celebrity chef has an opportunity to open a restaurant with less overhead. The community is not overpriced like other parts of Miami, and it provides a blank slate where wonderful chefs may make their food in complete peace and comfort. The restaurants in the area sit in modern buildings, and they have perfect interior designs that were honed with help from brilliant designers.

#3: The Buena Vista Area Is One of Many to Come Back From the Brink

The Buena Vista area is not the only community in Miami that is coming back from the brink. The area is the first to become quite famous for celebrities who pass through, but surrounding communities are following the lead of Buena Vista residents. New clubs, restaurants and hotels are appearing in many communities in the area, and anyone who is deeply-interested in the growth of Miami will take a look outside Buena Vista for further growth opportunities.

The Buena Vista area has been changing for quite some time, and it is becoming one of the new locations for celebrities who come to Miami. Bella Thorne has made her way to the area, and many of her celebrity pals like Zendaya have followed her. Buena Vista is proof-positive that Miami is still growing to this day