How to Step into the World of Art Collecting in Miami

Stretching back into the earliest days of our society, there has always been individuals who are able to capture the intricacies and nuances of what it means to be a human within frozen moments of their art. Equally stretching into our history, there have always been those who wish to collect these expressions to showcase to the world or in some cases to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.

Though an aged tradition, art collecting has seen a revival in the last few decades as modern artists have found new ways of not only expressing themselves but new ways in which to connect with patrons of the arts.

Entering the World of Art Collecting

If you have begun to make the transition from casual art lover and observer to amateur collector, it may be difficult to know where to begin or even where to find pieces worthy of your collection, especially in a city new to the arts such as Miami.

But none the less if you are undaunted and sure of your eye and tastes, your abilities to source great art will naturally progress. But to get you started

Finding Art Directly From the Artist

Though a little more difficult than other methods of beginning your art collection, building repertoire with local artists in the community can open up your collection to pieces that otherwise you may never have found. Celebrities like Leonardo Di Capro and George Lindemann have taken this step to heart in building his art collection. Often the red carpet attendee is seen attending gallery openings and engaging with featured artists.

Source Your Collection from a Broker

If gallery opening nights and patronage are not your particular tastes, then purchasing from an art broker may be your best option. Miami is home to quite a few dealers and brokers who are able to guide you in your purchase.

New Markets Tax Program boosts Maine’s economy

There has been a tremendous outpour of benefits seen in the state of Maine, all thanks to tax credits for rural development and investment opportunities. The United States Department of Treasury has given $80 million in new markets tax credit capacity in the state of Maine. This made way for economic development projects to create opportunity in rural communities and low income areas. Since these new markets tax credits, there have been nearly one hundred projects since 2004. This effectively created, or preserved nearly 5,000 permanent jobs in primarily rural areas. There have been twenty- two projects financed in Maine, with about $274 million in new market funds. Each dollar that Maine put into the new markets program has in turn generated $21.67 of gross state product. This helped to boost the economic activity, including sales and taxes. It is estimated that the new markets program will result in a $15.8 million revenue gain for the state budget between 2013 and 2021. This gain can be used to help fund other critical state programs. OPEGA has shown that this program has created and/or retained 764 permanent jobs in the state of Maine.


The Maine New Markets Tax Credit program has also created or saved more than 1,000 indirect jobs. Had it not been for this investment program, these jobs would not exist. Thanks to the new markets tax credit program and initiatives of similar effect at both state and federal levels, resources are being secured necessary to make significant improvements and boosts to the economy. This federal program was created to stimulate an investment in the economy and to help economically distressed communities to generate jobs and ultimately improve the lives of the residents. There is even a model for conservation in the rural woods of north-central Maine. This would contribute to the local economy, the environment and social equity, all the while still supporting forest-products, jobs and even new outdoor recreational opportunities for the public.
All in all, there has been tons of economic benefits seen in the state of Maine, all thanks to tax credits for rural development and investment opportunities. The boost to the economy since this program has been tremendous and has brought outstanding results to the state of Maine. With Maine’s economy struggling to get a foothold, the new markets tax program was definitely critical to providing much needed investment to the economic growth of the state of Maine and will likely be boosting and stabilizing the economy for years to come.

IGY Marinas Newest Locale

On January 4th, 2017, a report from Fort Lauderdale, FL about the Island Global Yachting Marinas or IGY Marinas plans to expand were announced. IGY Marinas will increase its marina portfolio’s territory with the add-on of One Island Park within Miami Beach’s Terminal Island in Florida. This will be the first time IGY will expand its world-renowned and award-winning benefits within the Southern Florida region. Numerous international yacht and general boating enthusiasts are ecstatic about the new location’s opening, welcoming the addition of a new 15th district that will be able to accommodate water vessels over 300 feet wide.

IGY Marinas CEO, Tom Mukamal claims “Miami is one of the leading luxury yacht locations in the United States”, he goes on to state that the “This exclusive Miami Beach superyacht facility not only allows IGY to showcase our unmatched services to the superyacht market, but also attract even larger vessels to the destination. IGY Marinas is excited about the year ahead, and we are thrilled to begin 2017 with a marina in South Florida.” The marinas in the newer One Island Park area has one of the biggest and most exclusive tailor made megayacht docks within the U.S.

Gili Wojnowich, the IGY Marinas general manager, has dealt with the operations manager in order to relay the team real-time analysis and direct the executive team working on the construction on the Miami Beach marina locale. Wojnowich has supported countless business developments and marina acquisitions. Along with work experience under his belt, this projects general manager has received a dual Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Spanish from the Emory University, he is also a fluent Hebrew, English, and Spanish speaker. By having a seasoned professional on board the project IGY Marinas hopes to ease its clients in a smooth transition. IGY corporate leadership includes Andrew Farkas, Frank Garrison and Mark Lande.

In addition to being the globe’s largest leader in the business of enormous sea vessel support chains, the IGY Marina based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has locations in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Caicos and many other international provinces. Over 8,000 uncommon and rare seacrafts are serviced by experienced crew members who have extensive knowledge on all nautical transportation and maintenance. IGY Marina’s duties also encompass the catering of a wide-ranging of varying markets such as cruise, sportfish, mega yachts and much more. With over 300 sea faring crafts that usually reach over 80 feet to take in, IGY Marinas is highly capable.


The Window Buying Process Is Fairly Easy

Buying replacement windows for your home should not be a chore. Window manufacturing and selling is a very competitive business so, by extension of that, the process of choosing and buying the right window for you has been made easy by all the competitors involved. However, being in Maryland where seasonal temperatures and conditions can be extreme, thought and care should be put into making your choice. This too can be made easier by focusing on window retailers that are local. They are going to be buying windows from manufacturers who understand the local needs of Maryland residents in terms of the sturdiness and insulating properties of windows.

One such company is Shanco Windows. Based in Gaithersburg MD., with a presence also in Washington DC and Virginia, their windows are going to be suited for the local climates year round. Another good dealer to look into is Thompson Creek. Based out of Columbia MD., they also have a large presence in the north-east. They also have a long-standing reputation as being one of more professional dealers in the area even thought there are a few Thompson Creek window complaints. Now, as stated earlier, you also want to pay attention to the supplier of windows to the dealers/retailers in your area.

Suppliers are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the quality, durability and craftsmanship of the windows you buy. These suppliers are hand-picked by the dealers so, in the case of One Source which is a very professional outfit, you can rest assured that their suppliers will be the same. One such supplier to One Source is MI Windows. They are based in Pennsylvania with manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona. They have been in the business of making windows for more than a few decades now, so they are well-versed in every aspect of a window. From the frames, to the glass, the durability, the look and functionality of their windows as well as the different needs there based on the different local climates all around the U.S.

So, as mentioned earlier, the process of choosing the right window for your home is fairly easy these days. While the information presented here is not complete, it should serve as a good starting point for the choices you need to make.

Windows Suited for Maryland Seasonality

With such a variety of temperatures, Maryland residents know that staying cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and just right in spring or fall, is often dependent on windows. Windows play a significant role in one’s comfort no matter the time of year. While windows help to filter air and sunlight, they also contribute to regulating indoor temperatures.

There are a number of window companies in the “Old Line State” that offer window services for homeowners and increase a home’s energy efficiency, value, curb appeal, and absolute comfort.

Thompson Creek Window Company offers durable and reliable windows made with the highest quality of vinyl and glass able to withstand winds of 153 miles per hour. While you may think such dependable windows may break the bank, Thompson Creek window company can offer cost-efficient services due to being family-owned and operated in Landover, Maryland. Additionally, the company is so confident in the quality of their windows and services, that they all offer a No-Hassle Warranty and Buyer Protection Guarantee.

A no nonsense company since 1945, Wheaton Door and Windows offers numerous window choices to fit your aesthetic desires and tastes including double hung windows, slider windows, picture windows, and more. During winter, Wheaton’s high-performance windows can reduce frost and condensation on interior glass surfaces creating a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family. Wheaton offers Starmark’s advanced heat shield coating to provide better solar heat gain reduction than tinted glass, meaning you save money and the environment!

ClearView Door and Window Company recognizes the difficulty of shopping and pricing windows, so they streamlined the process for you. After extensive research of over 100 manufacturers one could choose from, the Marvin (Infinity and Integrity lines) and the ClearView line of windows are presented for you to choose from. Marvin windows offer the utmost flexibility and customization, while Clearview Windows outperform Energy Star’s standards of certification. Depending on your wants and needs, ClearView Window and Door Company offers everything from wood windows, to fiberglass windows, to Okna-premium vinyl windows to meet your expectations regarding style and functionally.

All of a building’s components—including the windows—are meant to protect you from the elements. Poorly installed windows and low-quality windows won’t perform efficiently, or last very long so take some time to think about the right windows for you before you begin to shop.

Art collecting in Miami

Miami, long recognized as one of the leading beach tourist destinations in the nation, has so much more to offer visitors than warm, crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy beaches and George Lindemann. The city has also emerged as an internationally-renowned arts and cultural exhibition leader, with fantastic viewing opportunities in art museums, exhibitions, and shows spanning a wide variety of artistic mediums.

For devotees of contemporary art, there are an extraordinary number of museums and institutions in which they can go to. From local and emerging artists to world famous international artists and pieces, Miami has offerings to suit most everyone’s tastes and interests in this medium.

Contemporary art fans have a nice variety of viewing options if they wish to view collections of those individuals and families that have emerged as stars in the art world. Some very popular and prominent collections able to be seen in Miami include:

The Rubell Family Collection. One of the world’s largest and respected privately owned contemporary art collections, this collection was brought to its Miami home in 1993.

This collection, which is constantly expanding, is exhibited in a 40,000 square foot facility, and is publicly accessible for viewing. In addition to featuring well-known artists, they strive to exhibit and champion the efforts of emerging artists in the field of contemporary art. Don and Mera Rubell, along with their son Jason, created the Contemporary Arts Foundation (CAF) in 1994 to expand the Rubell Family Collection’s public mission to develop the paradigm of contemporary art museum efforts.

The de la Cruz Collection. This massive collection of contemporary art is housed in a 30,000 square foot extension of the home of Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz, and is free of charge for visitors to view.

The Collection, opened in 2009, features works of many prominent contemporary artists, and had Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz listed by ArtNews in 2016 in their worldwide survey of “Top 200 Collectors”.

Efforts by this foundation have been greatly instrumental in serving and educating local schools in Dade County. They hold a number of series of classes and workshops, serving both teachers and students. They go even further in their philanthropic pursuit, going on to sponsor annual travel programs for students to New York City, Europe, and China.

The de la Rosas, with their considerable resources and love for contemporary art, are striving to make Miami a capital of contemporary art. And as a result of their love and commitment to the promotion of this which is such a passion in their lives, it is now happening, much to the great joy of art lovers all throughout Miami.

Miami is the home to a number of celebrities with impressive art collections. American rapper, record and film producer Pharrell Williams is a huge contemporary art fan, and has a collection of over 700 pieces of art and sculpture in his Miami townhouse. Billionaire businessman Norman Braman, former owner of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, has an estimated $900 million of his $1.6 billion net worth tied up in his personal collection of artwork, which include Picasso, Andy Warhol, and others.

Maryland home window companies reviews

If you are a homeowner and you are unsure about what adjustments you may be needing to make within the premises of your home, then it’s highly recommended for you to ensure that you hire a proficient professional, or group of professionals, to help you in your goals of achieving the most optimal conditioned home that you can have ownership of. It is highly recommended for you to also ensure that you do a bit of research on the organization that may be providing their services on your property so that you’ll be made aware of whether you can expect good outcomes from the results.

Maryland home window companies may be some of the best window restoration, installation, and/or replacement organizations that are available in the market today. There are many companies that will make claims of providing great services that you’ll be able to rely on when they arrive at your home, however, you may realize that after they are finished with the job(s) and leave, you are left with something that is not functioning like it is meant to. This may be one of the negative aspects of acquiring services of home maintenance that are not necessarily going to work out in your favor in the long term. Please be sure to ensure that you’re doing your necessary amounts of due diligence of researching on home maintenance tasks prior to acquiring them as you don’t want to necessarily have to regret your decision in the future.

Some things you may want to look for in determining whether you want to have your property’s windows restored or replaced or not are to check to see whether it is difficult to open them. If you window is the type which slides open, as opposed to shutters, and you have difficulty sliding it open or closed, then it is possible that you will either need to have a repair conducted on it or have it replaced. A Maryland window company will be able to provide you with the services that you need to get that done. Other signs of needing to get your windows replaced may be obvious and if you think that you are right in making that determination then please feel free to contact Maryland Windows Company.

Some companies that specialize in working with windows in Maryland are:

1) Renewal By Anderson, which is located in Rockville, MD.
2) Thompson Creek, located in Maryland.
3) Medallion Security Door and Window Company, which is located in Forestville, MD.

Some of the Top TV Shows About House Flipping

Introduction to House Flipping
What is house flipping? Typically, a buyer finds a house that is sold at a good price and is in need of rehabbing, and buys and finances the home and the remodeling process. Once the remodeling process is complete, and the value of the home has consequently increased, the buyer then puts the house on the market.

Why are house flipping shows so popular? The genre gained a following just before and during the Great Recession. In fact one of the preeminent minds in House Flipping, Than Merrill of the Fortunebuilders started out on the show Flip this House in 2007.

Here are the top three house flipping shows. Two are currently on the air, and the third mentioned above concluded in 2009.

Fixer Upper
Fixer Upper follows Chip and Joanna Gaines, a husband-and-wife team, as they flip houses in and around Waco, TX. The show debuted in 2013. On each flip, Chip is the lead contractor and Joanna is the designer. Chip and Joanna also own Magnolia Market, which sells rustic home accessories in line with their design aesthetic.

The Gaines also own and rent out a B&B, the Magnolia House.

Flip or Flop
Flip or Flop follows Tarek and Christina El Moussa, a husband-and-wife team, as they flip and sell houses in Southern California. Southern California is typically a very tough real estate market, and some of their flips are not successful. The show, which debuted in 2013, focuses on the El Moussas buying and flipping foreclosed, bank-owned, or short-sale homes.

Christina and Tarek work together to find, buy, and renovate these homes. The couple also owns a real estate agency, the El Moussa Group.

Flip this House
Flip this House was one of the first house flipping shows on TV. It premiered in 2005 on A&E and concluded its fifth and final season in 2009. It followed several groups of real estate brokers in different parts of the country (Charleston, San Antonio, Atlanta, and New Haven, CT). Over the course of the 5 yrs on-air, the teams flipped numerous homes and showed the ins-and-outs of buying distressed properties, rehabbing them and reselling them.


Organizations Who Work With National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)

When a disaster happens the first thing of importance is to offer assistance to the people who have been affected. The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and United Way are examples of organizations that immediately come to mind when we think of disaster relief. What a lot of people do not realize many private, non-profit, public, and volunteer organizations offer disaster relief. National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is a community of organizations active in every phase of emergency assistance, VOAD provides a platform for these agencies to work together, through communication, collaboration, and coordination. VOAD, founded in 1970, has grown to over 100 member organizations dedicated to delivering hope in a time of need.

Many relief organizations are readily recognized; there are numerous lesser known, who do equally important work in disaster relief.

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) and its staff of volunteers, partners, and supporters have been working together for almost 25 years to make the world a better place. Guided by the values and teachings of the Qur’an, Islamic Relief USA does not distinguish between gender, race, or religion in their mission to provide relief and development in a dignified manner. To raise funds for domestic and international projects IRUSA sponsors seminars holds banquets, and concerts and participates in public awareness programs throughout the United States. IRUSA has regional offices in several states, including California, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is the disaster relief program of the Presbyterian Church USA; the program funded by donations from church members. Some of the disasters PDA has responded to are Southern Tornadoes, Tennessee Wildfires, Gulf Flooding in 2016, and West Virginia Floods, over 20 states have received relief from PDA. Internationally PDA has responded to the Ebola crisis, Nepal Earthquake 2015, European refugee crisis, and the Middle East disasters in Iraq and Syria. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance provided in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a relief organization that works with churches, businesses, and other nonprofits to give help and hope to people who are impoverished, hungry and misfortunate. Founded in 1994 by a family who had received help after their father was killed by a drunk driver, to date this organization has helped almost 80 million people both domestically and internationally in 48 states and 114 countries.

The peoples of the world owe a debt of gratitude to organizations like VOAD, the few mentioned and the hundreds of others who are working to make the world a better place.

Get to Know: Ankesh Madan and Tasso Von Windheim of Undercover Colors

Undercover Colors is the revolutionary new product that people are using to prevent drug-assisted date-rape. Statistics show that close to 20% of all women in the US will be a victim of sexual assault during their lifetime. Some of those assaults are committed by incapacitating the victim with so-called ‘date rape’ drugs, like rohypnol or GHB.

To combat this situation, Undercover Colors invented a nail polish that reacts to the chemicals and changes colors if the drug is in the drink. A person merely needs to swirls a finger in the glass, and the polish will change colors if a drug is present.

Two of the inventors are bright young Ph.D. candidates at Duke University, Ankesh Madan, and Tasso Von Windheim. They founded the company back in their undergrad days at North Carolina State and had continued working on it since then. The two men have a unique background and are committed to making the product a staple in cosmetics supplies. Here are a few highlights of these young people.

Ankesh Madan
Ankesh loved science and technology since he was a kid. He built a radio as a junior high student and focused on engineering and math during his high school years. He’s had a unique upbringing with strong family values

  • Born in Thailand in 1993, lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to the US in 1999
  • Studying for his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Duke
  • Has always been interested in math and science
  • Father was an engineer and manager. Ankesh learned both the technical and business side of technical fields
  • Very goal oriented until he began the Undercover Colors business. Now he loves the process and has realized how science directly affects lives

Tasso Von Windheim
Tasso’s parents moved to Costa Rica for a year while his father pursued a business opportunity. He was motivated to be part of Undercover Colors because he knows women who have been victims of drug-assisted rape.

  • Born in a small town in Canada but has spent most of his life in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • He is a first year Ph.D. candidate in Eleclectrical Engineering and Computer Science at Duke
  • Earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Material Science
  • Spent a year in a small village in Costa Rica
  • His father was an entrepreneur and inspired Tasso