3 Project Ideas to Improve the Look (and Value) of Your Home

When considering options to improve the look of a home, whether in an effort to sell or simply to update it and make it more modern and appealing, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. The first is that, according to Remodeling Magazine’s¬†annual Cost vs. Value report, replacement gives more bang for your buck than remodeling, so put down the paint and maybe consider calling in an expert. The second is that, if the home is going to be sold, sometimes the time saved in the selling process can trump a minor monetary hit.

1: Replace your doors
Replacing a house’s exterior doors is one of the best, and most cost-effective ways to improve the look, feel and value of a home. The doors are an entryway into the home, and are the first part of a home that a visitor or a buyer will get a close look at, and first-impressions are always important. This doesn’t only apply to the doors of the home, even, as replacing the garage door has also been proven to be extremely effective!

The type of door that gets put in is also important. Fiberglass doors with a faux-wood grain finish may look a bit better and have a more classic feeling, but replacing the doors with steel doors which match the color of the house is a cheaper option which generates a higher monetary return on average.

2: Touch up the siding
A house’s siding is arguably its most important exterior feature, as the type and color of siding dictates the style and color of the other features of the house. Complete vinyl siding installation is an option, but an alternative, cheaper option can be to replace the bottom third of the house’s siding with a stone veneer, which is about half the price and even more cost-effective!

3: Update the kitchen
A relatively cheap way to renovate the interior of the home is to replace just a few parts of the kitchen. Replace the cabinet doors, but just retouch the existing casing. Redo the countertops and flooring. Replace the faucets and stovetops with more modern styles but don’t mess with the gas or the pipes. All of these can increase the appeal (and function) of the kitchen.