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Urban Design Transforms Miami’s Buena Vista Into A Worldwide Destination

Captivating the interest of real estate developers across the country is urban design. Urban design molds an area’s allure, purpose and sustainability and viability. Presenting the appropriate balance of urban design incorporates the talents of real estate developers,… Read More

College Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Try to arrange double dates or go out in a group when getting to know a new romantic interest and always watch your drink at bars and parties. Never leave a drink unattended and consider products like Undercover Colors. When used, this nail polish sticker changes colors when exposed to drugs commonly used to facilitate date rape and provides a discreet way to verify that your drink is safe to consume.

Bean to Bar Chocolate in New York: A Must-Try

The Process Known for unique taste and direct trade, the bean to bar chocolate industry fills a very specific demand in New York City. Bean to bar chocolatiers go through every step of the chocolate-making process themselves –… Read More

The Driving Force Behind the Booming Miami Design District

Buena Vista Miami Florida is an exciting and warm domestic location that has a lot of celebrities enjoying the benefits of the area. This section of Miami is made up of a creative and design culture that grows… Read More

Revitalization of the Community Is Paramount in Buena Vista

The Buena Vista area around Miami is one of the places that is being revitalized most vigorously by the local government. New shopping malls, movie theaters and restaurants are rising up in the area where celebrities are now… Read More

Safety tips for Single women at social drinking events

If you happen to be one of the many busy and professional women who is always looking for the next best social event to attend, whether it be to meet new people, expand your networking strength, or simply… Read More

Best holidays to give chocolate to someone

Is there really a wrong time to give someone chocolate? Not really. It is uplifting, delicious and, lets face it, just about everyone loves it. Of course, there are some high points where giving chocolate is better than… Read More

Entertainment in Buena Vista

Visiting Buena Vista in Miami Florida is a delight. It’s a well developed Miami neighborhood that offers many entertaining activities. Most of the houses in the neighborhood are historical. Visiting Buena Vista you’ll find five star restaurants and… Read More

Designing the Modern Office Space

When you think of a typical office type work environment, the image of cubicles in a large building, with boring internal design usually come to mind. This is based on the fact that most regular offices are completely… Read More

Here’s How Health Experts Ranked 38 Of The Most Popular Diets

From HuffPost Healthy Living: U.S. News evaluated and ranked 38 diets with input from a panel of health experts. To be top-rated, a diet had to be relatively easy to follow, nutritious, safe and effective for weight loss… Read More