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New Business Deals by Legg Mason in Baltimore

In the second deal, Legg Mason paid $400 million in a partnership with EnTrust. Legg Mason’s Permal and Gregg S. Hymowitz’s EnTrust, were to merge in their hedge funds management. The newly formed company, EnTrustPermal, will combine its $12 billion formerly managed by EnTrust which is made up of over 450 institutional investors’ hedge funds with Permal’s European and retail clients’ $14.5 billion. The collective figure of $26.4 billion ranks EnTrustPermal Company, based on the yearly survey by Pensions & Investments, the fifth largest hedge funds-of-funds company countrywide.

How to Step into the World of Art Collecting in Miami

Though a little more difficult than other methods of beginning your art collection, building repertoire with local artists in the community can open up your collection to pieces that otherwise you may never have found. Celebrities like Leonardo Di Capro and George Lindemann have taken this step to heart in building his art collection. Often the red carpet attendee is seen attending gallery openings and engaging with featured artists.

IGY Marinas Newest Locale

Gili Wojnowich, the IGY Marinas general manager, has dealt with the operations manager in order to relay the team real-time analysis and direct the executive team working on the construction on the Miami Beach marina locale. Wojnowich has supported countless business developments and marina acquisitions. Along with work experience under his belt, this projects general manager has received a dual Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Spanish from the Emory University, he is also a fluent Hebrew, English, and Spanish speaker. By having a seasoned professional on board the project IGY Marinas hopes to ease its clients in a smooth transition. IGY corporate leadership includes Andrew Farkas, Frank Garrison and Mark Lande.

Get to Know: Ankesh Madan and Tasso Von Windheim of Undercover Colors

Undercover Colors is the revolutionary new product that people are using to prevent drug-assisted date-rape. Statistics show that close to 20% of all women in the US will be a victim of sexual assault during their lifetime

The Incredible Sights of Miami Design District

There are many different celebrities who love the Miami Design District. For example, Laurie Lynn Stark has often showed up with Zoe Kravitz to showcase a variety of art projects and designs. Elle Macpherson and Craig Robins are also popular visitors who aren’t afraid to interact with tourists and other visitors.

NASA and UAE Join Forces for “Hope” Mars Mission

“This is the Arab world’s version of president Kennedy’s Moon shot – it’s a vision for the future that can engage and excite a new generation of Emirati and Arab youth,” says Yousef Al Otaiba (, the UAE Ambassador to the United States.

IGY Marinas Will Be Managing the National Harbor Marina

IGY is going to join up with the National Harbor Marina while undergoing the process for integration. They have a plan to begin the services of the company and all of its operations as soon as they can. IGY Marinas is also planning to use the relationships that already exist inside of their network to help heighten the marina’s profile. This will be accomplished by hosting special events and with the use of various philanthropic efforts. Andrew Farkas serves as Chairman for IGY.

Trans Fats Banned by the FDA

Fat has long been known to be a cause of major health concerns. Diet is essential to maintaining a healthy body and improving both length and quality of life. Fat builds up in organs and clogs arteries contributing… Read More

Best Places to Live If You Collect Art In Miami

Miami is an excellent place for new and established art collectors to live. Its rich environment and culture attract people from all over the globe who take advantage of the city’s many attractions and diversity. Currently, Miami is… Read More

The Driving Force Behind the Booming Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is one of the hottest new areas in South Florida. The driving force behind this vibrant area is the diversity and innovative designs of its new venues. Whether it’s creative living spaces, funky new… Read More