Entertainment Venues in Miami Design District

The Miami Design District and More – Beauty to Behold and a Place for Many Top Artists to Call “Home”

Miami Design District in Florida is not only one of its kind for attracting tourists from all around the world – though primarily those in Central and South America – but it also boasts a reputation of having numerous celebrities within it. People of fame and status have visited this area regularly for several decades and only continue to do so with increasing frequency. Such celebrities have included the following; some have even lived in the district for longer periods:

1. Gloria Estefan
2. Enrique Iglesias
3. Anna Kournikova
4. Lenny Kravitz
5. Shakira
6. Oprah Winfrey
7. Craig Robins

In addition, it has commonly been reported that former Lord of the Rings movie star and Academy Award Winner Orlando Bloom has made a visit or two in the last year – along with the likes of Tyler Perry, Justin Bieber and even Vanessa Hudgens, not to mention countless other great Hollywood minds. These people are some of the best, and for that, they only get the best welcome from the district in turn: Many are kindly encouraged to come back again soon, of which they happily do. In fact, even newcomer celebrities, such as many rising stars within the Disney and Nickelodeon TV show genres, are continually encouraged to pay a visit, reminded of all that beautiful Miami can show them.

Gloria Estefan, for Instance

For example, let’s talk about Gloria Estefan, who is considered a billionaire diva and pop sensation in the world of Latin American music. Did you know that she also holds her own in Miami and would never forget the beautiful Miami Design District within it nonetheless? It’s true: Her roots are right here, and we can see why.

Enrique Iglesias, Another Fine Example

Enrique Iglesias grew up in this beautiful, unique and heavily populated city, and that’s no secret. In fact, though he is constantly on tour and travels the world excessively, he still holds Miami as one of his homes – and the Miami Design District as one of his “top nesting spots”. He was spotted in the area just last month. This son of legendary Julio Iglesias has done everything to make a name that all his own, and he has held that the district’s culture has helped.