Famous Skyscrapers in NYC and the People Who Own Them

New York City is home to the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and is the sixth tallest building in the entire world; the One World Trade Center. It also features skyscrapers like the Bank of America Tower and the ESRT Empire State Building in Manhattan which were designed with the world in mind. It features a beehive on the roof of the building! We also can’t fail to mention the popular Trump World Tower.

The One World Trade Center

The roof on this high rise is 1,368 feet (417 m) high up in the sky. This iconic building kept the same name as the original World Trade Center, which was completely obliterated on 9/11. It’s massive size consumed an entire block featuring West Street on the west side, Vesey Street on the north side, Fulton Street on the south, and Washington Street on the east side. Currently the land it’s sitting on is owned by The Port Authority and the leases are owned by Larry Silverstein.

The Bank of America Tower in Manhattan

This massive building cost $1 Billion dollars to complete and is said to be one of the most ecologically friendly buildings in the entire world. You should visit the Urban Garden Room at 43rd Street and 6th Avenue, as it is open to anyone who would like to visit. This building has its own greywater system in which it reuses and recycles any rain water it collects. They have also provided some very unique waterless urinals to save on water consumption. In 2013 they invited Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm to maintain and develop two bee hives. The tower has been featured in the hit TV show Daredevil where two actors meet in the lobby for a meeting.

The Trump World Tower

The Trump World Tower has been under a great deal of scrutiny in modern politics as well as during its construction. Over $500,000 were raised opposing the buildings construction. All opponents ended up losing the battle and the tower was raised. It’s currently a residential building that was designed by architect Costas Kondylis. It is 72 floors that were bought and built by Donald Trump and the Daewoo Corporation from South Korea. It is currently the second tallest all-residential building in the world, right behind the 21st Century Tower in Dubai. Many famous people have either rented or stayed in this building, including Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees, Bill Gates, Sophia Loren, and others. In June of 2001 Donald Trump sold the 45th floor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who use the apartments as part of its Mission to the United Nations.

There are so many wonderful high rises in New York City and each of them have a very special and personal story behind them. You’ll never run out of reasons to explore and visit them.