How to Step into the World of Art Collecting in Miami

Stretching back into the earliest days of our society, there has always been individuals who are able to capture the intricacies and nuances of what it means to be a human within frozen moments of their art. Equally stretching into our history, there have always been those who wish to collect these expressions to showcase to the world or in some cases to enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.

Though an aged tradition, art collecting has seen a revival in the last few decades as modern artists have found new ways of not only expressing themselves but new ways in which to connect with patrons of the arts.

Entering the World of Art Collecting

If you have begun to make the transition from casual art lover and observer to amateur collector, it may be difficult to know where to begin or even where to find pieces worthy of your collection, especially in a city new to the arts such as Miami.

But none the less if you are undaunted and sure of your eye and tastes, your abilities to source great art will naturally progress. But to get you started

Finding Art Directly From the Artist

Though a little more difficult than other methods of beginning your art collection, building repertoire with local artists in the community can open up your collection to pieces that otherwise you may never have found. Celebrities like Leonardo Di Capro and George Lindemann have taken this step to heart in building his art collection. Often the red carpet attendee is seen attending gallery openings and engaging with featured artists.

Source Your Collection from a Broker

If gallery opening nights and patronage are not your particular tastes, then purchasing from an art broker may be your best option. Miami is home to quite a few dealers and brokers who are able to guide you in your purchase.