IGY Marinas Newest Locale

On January 4th, 2017, a report from Fort Lauderdale, FL about the Island Global Yachting Marinas or IGY Marinas plans to expand were announced. IGY Marinas will increase its marina portfolio’s territory with the add-on of One Island Park within Miami Beach’s Terminal Island in Florida. This will be the first time IGY will expand its world-renowned and award-winning benefits within the Southern Florida region. Numerous international yacht and general boating enthusiasts are ecstatic about the new location’s opening, welcoming the addition of a new 15th district that will be able to accommodate water vessels over 300 feet wide.

IGY Marinas CEO, Tom Mukamal claims “Miami is one of the leading luxury yacht locations in the United States”, he goes on to state that the “This exclusive Miami Beach superyacht facility not only allows IGY to showcase our unmatched services to the superyacht market, but also attract even larger vessels to the destination. IGY Marinas is excited about the year ahead, and we are thrilled to begin 2017 with a marina in South Florida.” The marinas in the newer One Island Park area has one of the biggest and most exclusive tailor made megayacht docks within the U.S.

Gili Wojnowich, the IGY Marinas general manager, has dealt with the operations manager in order to relay the team real-time analysis and direct the executive team working on the construction on the Miami Beach marina locale. Wojnowich has supported countless business developments and marina acquisitions. Along with work experience under his belt, this projects general manager has received a dual Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Spanish from the Emory University, he is also a fluent Hebrew, English, and Spanish speaker. By having a seasoned professional on board the project IGY Marinas hopes to ease its clients in a smooth transition. IGY corporate leadership includes Andrew Farkas, Frank Garrison and Mark Lande.

In addition to being the globe’s largest leader in the business of enormous sea vessel support chains, the IGY Marina based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has locations in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Caicos and many other international provinces. Over 8,000 uncommon and rare seacrafts are serviced by experienced crew members who have extensive knowledge on all nautical transportation and maintenance. IGY Marina’s duties also encompass the catering of a wide-ranging of varying markets such as cruise, sportfish, mega yachts and much more. With over 300 sea faring crafts that usually reach over 80 feet to take in, IGY Marinas is highly capable.