Islamic Relief USA Make Major Contribution to Palestinian Food Needs

For children in the United States, May is often an occasion for great excitement. The school year is winding down, with three months of blissful summer spent enjoying the outdoors set to take its place. Regrettably, not all such children are so fortunate. May is holy month of Ramadan and for many children living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the grim reality of an empty cupboard puts a black mark on this otherwise joyous occasion. The Occupied Palestinian Territories have been subject to a 12-year blockade by the state of Israel, which is to say nothing of the near-constant military aggression Palestinians suffer from their western neighbor. This brutal treatment has led to an unemployment rate in the Occupied Palestinian Territories of over 56 percent, according to a recent UN report.

Between unprovoked military harassment and being on the receiving end of a system of draconian separatism which frequently draws unflattering comparisons to Apartheid-era South Africa, many families in the Occupied Palestinian Territories face serious challenges when it comes to meeting their basic needs. Palestinian families face a constant uphill battle to receive consistent electrical power or even reliable access to clean water.

Luckily, Islamic Relief Fund USA (IRUSA) has made an incredibly generous donation of $300,000 to families living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These funds will go directly to providing for Suhoor, the morning meal enjoyed before sunrise by Muslims before their daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

The donation was applauded by the international community, including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Their Director Strategic Partnerships Division, Mr. Abdi Aynte, was quoted as saying, “Palestine refugees in Gaza find themselves during violence once more as the holy month of Ramadan commences. It is supporting such as this for Islamic Relief USA that highlights international bonds of solidarity in times of great instability. UNRWA thanks IRUSA for its continuous support of Palestine refugees.”