Islamic Relief USA Plans Ramadan Food Boxes for Communities Around the U.S.

Islamic Relief USA is planning its annual food box packing event to prepare for Ramadan. The organization is hosting four food packing events. The events are planned to take place in Illinois, Virginia, Texas and New Jersey.

Volunteers will be packing boxes with nonperishable foods and then giving them out to those in need in the surrounding community. The stated goal is to create 5,000 packaged meals for the needy and the hungry right here in the United States.

This event is part of being Muslim and closely connected to the holiday of Ramadan. Yes, the holiday is about fasting from sunrise to sunset, but there is a component of giving back to the needy and the community. It is also a time to reflect on those in need and what can be done to alleviate their suffering.

Volunteers are needed to help package the food and put it into boxes. Some boxes will need to be broken down and others filled, sealed and then delivered. For each session there will be two shifts of volunteers to help package the food and get it ready to deliver to the community.

The food will be delivered to various food pantries, houses of worship and other locations that provide food for the poor and the hungry. Those interested in helping can check out Islamic Relief USA and find a location nearby. All are welcome to come and help and, of course, if you have nonperishable food items that can become part of the food packages, they are welcome, too.

This year marks the 25 anniversary of IRUSA and all of the good it does for communities across the country. Visit for more information about times, volunteering and other services offered.