Looking For Art in Miami: Not a One-Stop Event

If there’s one thing that can be said about Miami, it’s that there’s no lack of places to buy art or go view it. From Miami Beach to South Beach, and Wynwood too, this place is a magnet for art collectors, art enthusiasts and just plain folks with an afternoon or evening to spend taking in the sights of the world of art in Miami.

Miami Beach especially turns into an art collector’s Mecca come December as collectors and enthusiasts alike assemble for the Art Basel Miami Beach, South Beach and Wynwood events. As one wanders in the largest North American art marketing event, one can get a feel for the many art deal transactions, negotiations and even dynamic trading that goes on. Engaging in vigorous dealings by experienced art collectors, artists and art-buying newbies, art acquisitions are traded or transacted on a daily basis during the several day seasonal event.

Some Tips Of Advice

If seriously of the mindset of buying or collecting art, then there are some general tips of advice to follow before making the plunge. There’re simply too many outstanding fairs to cover in one’s quest for art, so it’s best to filter out those that least standout by slowing down and not being caught up by the energy generated at Art Basel. Among the top fairs to visit are Scope, Miami Project, X Contemporary, Context and Design Miami. However, the most basic rule of thumb for collectors is to simply buy works that they like and can live with.

Celebrity Hound? Miami Has You Covered

Needless to say, those in well-known celebrity status circles have always been avid collectors. Many can easily remember the collections that belonged to famed actor Vincent Price. Today, the tradition of art collecting continues be it out a love for art per say, as a tax write-off or both.

Contemporary actor Leonardo di Caprio especially frequents art shows in Miami hoping to add to his personal collection. Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, and George Lindemann are other celebrities frequently spotted viewing art works at Art Basel.

While fine photographic art is the way to go for Sir Elton John, he also frequents Miami Beach in his quest for new collections of every kind. Diane von Furstenberg and those amazing Kardashians are also likely to bump into other collectors. Frankly, the spectacle of stars and celebrities alone is worth a scheduled trip to Miami Beach and Wynwood area events.

Regardless of which of the fairs in Miami one attends, Miami Beach, Wynwood or South Beach, this is the place to be for those who love art in any form. Most fairs begin the day after Thanksgiving and go into the first week in December ending on December 4. Make plans now for next year by visiting this visitor website.