Marina Introduces A New Application To Better Serve Their Clients

IGY Marinas has entered into a partnership with Boatyard. The company specializes in a mobile application giving boaters the ability to schedule maintenance, have fuel delivered, and more with a couple clicks using their smartphones. There will be five devices for guests that are already pre-loaded available at the marina in South Florida. The application is additionally available through iTunes for all Apple devices and is expected to revolutionize the industry of boating. Guests will spend less time in lines at the fuel docks and more time fishing, swimming, yachting, and cruising.

The Anchor Club Strategic Partners have been pre-loaded on the application by IGY Marina so loyal customers will have a much easier time scheduling service. Gili Wojnowich is the Operations Manager for IGY Marina’s and will receive all inquiries. With the help of her team all requests will be completed. According to Gili Wojnowich the application is simple, sophisticated, and has the capabilities for payment and direct orders. The needs of all customers will be filled with speed and efficiency. Once the application has been perfected expansion to additional locations is expected. The technology is exciting and IGY Marina’s is certain their customers will enjoy the convenience and scheduling services available.

The new partnership will enable IGY Marina’s to expand their mobile technology in 2017. Assorted business ventures are being explored to enhance what the marina can provide for their discerning clients. They believe this relationship has provided the ability to adapt to the virtual environment of modern society and aid in the growth of the brand development. As the CEO of IGY Marina, Tom Mukamal spoke of how hard they have worked to build relationships with numerous brands in the industry. He stated their partnership with Boatyard provided a new way to reach their customers and they look forward to furthering their use of the innovative technology.

Founded by Andrew Farkas, IGY Marina has their base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is the world’s biggest international marina company. Vessels located in the Western hemisphere use them as a point of contact and over 8,000 vessels are serviced each year. IGY caters to mega yachts, sail and cruise ships, and sport fishing. The can accommodate 300 vessels more than eighty feet and provide annual service to 900 superyachts. They provide services including crew training, provisioning, and maritime and health travel. They host nautical events including fishing and international sailing and operate under a philanthropic initiative.