Organization Receives $500,000 from The American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Relief

The American Red Cross has released a $495,294 grant to the Islamic Relief to help with the implementation of several home rebuilding projects for the victims of the 2017 Hurricane Harvey. Speaking about the event, Hani Hamwi, the Manager of the Islamic Response Disaster Management team, stated that the organization is eternally grateful for support they kept receiving from the ARC and that it is a sign that the Red Cross profoundly values the work they do.

Hamwi disclosed that the grant would go towards setting up a dorm for the volunteers to stay in during the entire home rebuilding project which is slated to kick off in Houston Texas. IRUSA hopes that they will manage to build between 15 and 20 homes each year, and they have partnered with SBP for the recovery project which will stretch for some years.

One of the enormous challenges that IRUSA has been facing is volunteers being unable to sign up for the rebuilding project because of lack of accommodation. With free housing in place, it will be easier to get volunteers to come and stay throughout the tenure of the rebuilding process. The presence of a dorm will also mean that all the volunteers operate from one point, which will ease the process of project management. The efforts that the organization is making are to honor a commitment which they made in January this year, after presenting a $50,000 check to the Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, and his relief fund.

About the Islamic Relief Association

The Islamic Relief USA was established in 1994 with the aim of helping people in need and creating a world free of poverty. The organization provides grants and relief to people in need regardless of their race, culture, religion or socioeconomic background. Their vision is to work together to create a world free of poverty while their mission is to empower individuals within the community and give them a voice in the world. The organization’s core values are to work for excellence, sincerity, compassion, custodianship, and social justice. Under the leadership of Sharif Aly, Azhar Azeez and others, their initiatives have spread to more than 40 countries around the globe with a focus on the war-torn third world countries and parts of the world where people are still living in extreme poverty. The initiative in Houston is just one of their many projects to give dignity back to communities that have lost it because of natural calamities, war, and other disasters.