Panel appointed to help with hurricane relief

The devastating effects brought about by the recent Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Virginia Islands has prompted Governor Kenneth E. to constitute an expert advisory committee which will spearhead the reconstruction process. The advisory committee which will be operating under the office of the Governor comprises of local officials, business, and environmental experts as well as community members. The announcement of the formation of the committee came on Monday from the office of the governor.

The group will have a clear-cut objective of assessing the damage brought about by the Hurricane and also point out future risks which face the USVI as a result of natural hazards with a vision spanning to over 30 years. The risks among others will include those that will come about due to climate change. Besides that, the committee will also be mandated with the task of coming up a roadmap for USV’s long-term recovery plan regarding economy and security. The team has a daunting task considering the damage which the two Hurricanes left behind. Most people were left homeless without basic need such as shelter.

The committee which has 18 members will specifically focus on the following issues.
Ø Development of and implement an economic recovery plan mainly focusing on tourism and other economic generating activities.
Ø Monitoring and tracking expenditure as well as the distribution of federal disaster aid funds
Ø The group will also be expected to come up with long-term mitigation measures that will shield USVI from future natural disasters such as the Hurricane.
Ø The Committee is also ensure that all those affected by the hurricane are provided with basic needs such as shelter, clothing, and food.

“We have brought together experts from different sectors to assist U.S Virgin Island to get back on its feet as soon as possible. The committee under my leadership of my office will ensure that the entire objective we have set is achieved” said Mapp.

Some of the members working with the committee include; Basil Ottley: a director at the office of Insular affairs in the Interior Department, Andrew Farkas: who serves as Chairman, CEO and President of Resource America, Inc., Anthony Hurley: who is an associate managing director at Witt O’Brien’s (an emergency and risk management company), Darryl Griffith: who is an acting executive director at V.I Housing Finance among others experts and professionals.

There is no doubt that the committee comprises of heavyweights from across different sectors of the economy and will live up to the set objectives.