Review of New York City’s Iconic Skyscrapers

Empire State Building

1,250 feet tall

This United States National Landmark was built in 1931 and probably the most famous skyscraper in the world.

The top of the ESRT Empire State Building is home to most of New York City’s broadcast FM radio and commercial TV stations. Inside it houses a great number of well-known businesses such as Shutterstock, LinkedIn, Skanska and Global Brands Group. It’s also a popular site for countless celebrities to visit and many various images could be found of famous people admiring the Empire State Building.
Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift, Alan Ruck, Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Abigail Breslin, Alberto Del Rio, Ashanti, Ariana Grande, Blink 182 and too many others to count.

One World Trade Center AKA the Freedom Tower

1,776 feet tall with its spire included.

The One World Trade Center was rebuilt in 2014 to replace the original that was struck down on 9/11 back in 2001.
The famous skyscraper gives visitors a 360-degree perspective and also has three restaurants, an exhibit about its construction called Voices and a Sky Portal. The Sky Portal is an arrange of 14-foot wide circular high definition display that shows real-time striking footage at their guest’s feet. It also has attracted celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Barack Obama, Bruce Willis, Olivia Wilde, Janet Jackson, Jessica Alba, Coco Rocha and others.

40 Wall Street

927 Feet

It first opened in 1930, originally being called the Bank of Manhattan and for a brief period of time, it was celebrated as being the tallest before the title was taken away by the Chrysler Building’s spire.
Similar to what happened to the Empire State Building, The Crown Jewel of Wall Street was hit by a Coast Guard plan in 1946 in the midst of a fog which killed 4 people. The Trump company acquired the building in 1995 and Donald Trump renovated it in 1996.

Woolworth Building

792 feet tall

Once called the Cathedral of Commerce, this agrotechnical beauty was designed by Cass Gilbert and built in 1913. For years it has been admired for its stunning neo-Goth details such as marble floors and stairs, gargoyle heads, and a stunning mezzanine which is definitely worth a quick tour. The green coper castle-like skyscraper is the National Historic Landmark and masterpiece and has been featured in various films like Cloverfield, Enchanted and the Great Gatsby.

The Chrysler Building

1,046 feet tall

Renowned for stealing the title for the tallest building from under the noses of 40 Wall Street, by raising their height with its steel spire inside the building’s crown just several weeks after 40 Wall Street debut.
the American automotive executive Walter Chrysler had it built back in 1930 by William Van Alen to show the City and the world the grandeur of his company. New York’s most famous Art Deco style building is free to visitors but can only be granted access to the lobby where guest often come to appreciate the decoration.