Taking to the sea and sky for new opportunities

In March of 2018 EnTrustPermal announced an expansion of their blue Ocean maritime investment branch as well as the introduction of Blue Sky, an aviation division to match Blue Ocean. With $300,000,000 already invested in Blue Wave and an estimated $500,000,000 going in to Blue Wave in 2018 these sources of investment are poised to make waves.

Blue Ocean began in 2017 after two investment firms, EnTrust (founded in 1997) and Permal (founded in 1073), merged to form EnTrustPermal in 2016. For Blue Ocean they tapped longtime CTI Group expert Svein Engh who has over thirty years’ experience in investing in maritime businesses and founded CTI Groups’ maritime division as well as founding CTI Group’s Commercial Aircraft Leasing and Lending Platform as well as most recently being the Head of Financial Institutions at CTI Group. Blue Wave will be run by another former CTI Group expert, John Morabito, who has worked in aviation investment for nearly 20 years. They are supported by an experienced and knowledgeable staff in both endeavors.
The company aims to provide debt and capital through non-bank loans and investments in aviation and maritime industries including shipping.

They felt that there was a lack of capital in these areas and are seeking to turn a profit by stepping in to these industries and bring some capital with them. These industries offer low-risk returns and tend to be stable despite the apparent lack of large investors.

EnTrustPermal’s CEO Gregg Hymowitz says these news strategies and the people tapped to run will “provide a constant flow of relevant and proprietary ideas to our investors who seek new and attractive sources of return.” These investment strategies are designed to play a large role in EnTrustPermal’s future growth as an investment firm who can provide alternative strategies for their investors.