The Glamorous Miami Design District

The Miami Design District, also known as the Hollywood Celebrity Community, is recognized for its contemporary, state-of-the-art architecture. In addition to the number of luxurious shops, high end art galleries, infamous nightclubs, and 4-star restaurants, you might see some of the celebrities you would see on television. Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, has a private table at the WALL Lounge, where he invites Lukas Hass, Craig Robins, and Tobey Maguire. Whether you stroll down 2nd Ave, or attend any of the prestigious events, you are more likely to see, and possibly even mingle, with your favorite actors, models, and musicians. Ceelo Green was spotted having a good time at the lobby bar of 1 Hotel. If you’re a “foodie”, you might be interested in trying out Enrique Iglesias’ new and established restaurant called TATEL Miami. For charity events, such as the AIDS Walk, you will be impressed to know that David Bromstad made his own contribution.

Aside from celebrity sightseeing, there are a number of stores to visit, if your wallet is burning a hole through your pocket. Even visiting the different shops, you will see people such as Kate Hudson making her glamorous rounds in expensive purchases. The popular jewelry store, Jason of Beverly Hills, for example, contains handcrafted jewelry worn by Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson. If you stop by, you might convince a staff member to tell you some of the experiences they’ve been able to share with them. That’s assuming you don’t see any of them yourself.

From decaying to dazzling, it is a must-see place to visit at least once. If you still need convincing, keep in mind of the wide variety of sightseeing tours. These include the Miami Art and Culinary Tour, the Private Half Day Miami Tour, and even bus tours with premium options. The bus tours have live guides, extra freebies, and dozens of routes, but that’s most likely going to be the last place you would spot a celebrity.

Whether the Miami Design District is on your list of places to visit, or if you heard your favorite singers and actors hang out with tourists and fans, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up if you come by it. From charming art walks, to enchanting jewelry boutiques, there is definitely something fun and exciting to do for everyone to enjoy during their visit. The running joke when in a discussion about the Miami Design District is, “If you don’t see a celebrity, you must be blind.”