The Great Fashion Week Migration

Stars and stripes were projected on the Beaux-Arts facade of the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue. The steps were lined with a green stream of Statue of Liberty impersonators. The rotunda was filled with an equally round proscenium, complete with drum set and keyboards waiting for The Kills to take the stage. The show was an hour late. Everyone was waiting for Madonna.

Not me. I left after it hadn’t started by 10 p.m., and I checked it out on my computer.

No one embraces their own terrible taste with as much unrepentant gusto as the German designer Philipp Plein, who usually shows in Milan but who on Monday night brought his P .T. Barnum fashion to New York for the first time, seemingly with no sense of how tone-deaf the whole display was — from bustier to thigh-high boots, from fire-and-brimstone embroidery to NASA puffer coats.

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