Transforming today’s Miami

Craig Robins is truly transforming the landscape of Miami. Through his firm, Dacra, the legendary Chief Executive Officer has taken the real estate in Miami to a whole new level. He can create collaborative communities in the area through his innovations in the real estate sector. Through his work, Miami has been transformed into a culturally-driven city which has become a global icon. Dacra played a critical role in the transformation of South Beach more than twenty years ago. Its ambitions did not end there. It has directed its energies to Miami’s Design District. The CEO gives useful insights on how he has transformed the city to march its peers such as New York and Los Angeles.

Innovations are driving the city. With the changing items and technology, Miami has not been left behind. According to Craig, Miami is a host of culturally recognized facilities such as the Frost Science Museum. These attraction sites put the city high as a favorite site. That is not all. The town has strong ties with the Latin community making it unique from other American cities.

Miami has been transformed into a place of art and creativity. The overall effect is the inflow of international artists and designers into the city. They showcase and launch their latest innovations in this area. Miami Design district takes pride in having a lot of collections from the world’s leading artists. The center has collaborated with most of these artists who are seeing the value the center brings to them. It is one of the core mandates of this design center to build its place in America and the rest of the world.

Craig has that burning desire to create creative communities in art and design to radically uplift the urban life. Innovative public art programs serve to bring these communities together and create a city with its own unique identity. The overall effect is that designers of high-end watches and other exciting public art are finding this to be the perfect destination. The Miami Design District has redefined the artwork. It is the center of performances, design works, programs and public lectures from industry experts who inspire members of the community. According to Craig, his firm is in negotiations with Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) to visit Miami and host its trade fair for its luxury watches in this destination. It will be an exciting opportunity to host such a powerhouse which will cement Miami’s place a world-class luxury destination.