Vacation like a baller in Miami Florida

Buena Vista in Miami, Florida is a very hot, trendy place to vacation. It started as a small village in the 1890’s but quickly grew over the years. People began to move to the area when a railroad was built in 1896. It was easier to get supplies from the train than from the old docks in Lemon City. Buena Vista continued to grow and it soon became a highly sought after neighborhood for the wealthy.

Charles Deering was a millionaire who purchased a sizeable portion of land here. Deering was a conservationist and his influence helped to preserve the natural beauty of the land here. He would not allow roads to be built and it remained undeveloped for some time.

From the 1920’s to the 1940’s, things started to change. Art Deco was a very popular architectural style. It was popular all over the world. It originated in France and it was a style that represented an embrace of new technology but also incorporated decorative arts and industry.

While you’re visiting, you will have an exciting and unique array of entertainment options. If you are interested in the life of the rich and famous, you will be in heaven during this vacation. Celebrities love Miami and have been coming here for a very long time.

Celebrities like Lil Wayne love to party. There are nightclubs all over Miami but if you want to spot him and his squad, you can most likely find him at “LIV” on Sunday night, or at “Dream” on Wednesday night.
If you would rather go to an upscale restaurant, you could spot David and Victoria Beckham dining at “Lucali” in Sunset Harbour. After a gourmet meal, the couple loves to shop and sightsee in the Design District. It is filled with art galleries, upscale shops and boutiques, and a wide variety of trendy restaurants and nightclubs. “Harry’s Pizzeria” is a celebrity hot spot with great food and tasty, locally brewed beer. It was ranked in the top 25 Best Pizzerias in the U.S. by “Food and Wine” magazine.

I have only given a few examples of the fun things you can do on vacation in Buena Vista, Miami, Florida. There is so much to do here, you should plan to stay for a while. Just to warn you, you will see so many stars, you might believe you are one by the time you leave!