Why Curb Appeal is So Important

curb-appeal-drivewayWhen it comes to selling homes, the old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover” couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, if you want to sell your home, make the outside look great. Do an analysis of the outside of your home. Think of color, order, and utility. Look at what you would think if you were trying to buy the home. What distractions are there? To have a high resell value, make the house shine with a new coat of paint. Psychological studies show that humans are attracted to certain colors for different reasons. In painting your home, consider how the color of your home may invoke certain reactions.

If you are trying to market your home to male or female buyers equally, consider adding some blue. Blue is a color that has equal popularity with men and women. Comic books with purple on their covers sell better. Avoid using orange, because it has the strongest negative and positive associations with different people. Grey is neutral, but kind of grouchy. Good psychological choices for your home’s exterior paint job are white, blue, green, and purple shades.

The next thing to consider is your lawn. Sometimes, homeowners let their lawn go, with disastrous results for the curb appeal. If the lawn is in bad shape, it is quicker to tear out the existing lawn, and replace it with flower beds or a fruit garden. This will add significant value to your home, and it will make the prospective buyers want your home just so they can get some tasty fruit. The investment cost for putting in a garden is usually low compared to the produce you get from selling a home with a garden.

Lighting is also essential. Grab some inexpensive solar lights, which do not require wiring. Intersperse them at key areas around your house to highlight your delightful new paint job. This will help buyers feel welcome before they even step into the home.   If there are other homes for sale in your neighborhood, what is the competition afraid of? As Than Merrill of the real estate education company Fortunebuilders recently said, “No matter how good the interior of your home looks, buyers have already judged your home before they walk through the door.”

So make the goal before the sale to make your home more attractive, not just inside but out. Using color, gardens, and lighting will serve as powerful tricks of the trade to help those who want to buy your home see its beauty.