Why It’s Important to Better U.S.-China Relations

Many people know the United States as the most developed country in the world owing to its economic stability and also being a leader in developments. On the other hand, China is famous for being the most populous nation with ever-increasing industries. This is a nation that is destined to become a force to reckon soon. The two countries have been continually improving their already prime statuses, and the competition regarding developments is intense. However, of great importance is the recent positive relationship between China and the United States that is growing stronger every new day. This relationship has been impactful on the other nations of the world. Also, the two countries have recently been interacting on a complementary aspect rather than being competitors as they were viewed in the past.

First, the interactions between China Focus CUSEF and the US in the recent times have seen trade between these countries improve immensely. For instance, the trade volumes of the two nations stood at $100 million in 1972. In 2016, the figure had increased to an astonishing $649 billion, and the values keep soaring each new day. Maintaining good relations for these superpowers will see more enormous figures being posted in the future. It is, therefore, imperative for the two nations to keep the close contact as the relationship is mutual for investors in both countries.

Another aspect that highlights the excellent partnership between China and the United States is the number of people from the two countries that keep interacting with each other. More Chinese students are visiting the United States to study in some of the most high profile institutions in the country. Tourists, professionals, and people from all walks of life visit the United States from China freely, and the good relations between the nations have facilitated this. Also, many US citizens are visiting China to experience a different culture and also work in the country. Therefore, the close relationship between the two nations is a blessing to their citizens as people of different professions can invest freely.

The complementary nature of the relationship cannot be undermined. China is highly populated but lacks resources such as oil. Also, most of the land in China is not suitable for crop farming. On the other hand, the United States has oil, and it also possesses enormous tracts of arable land. Therefore, the Chinese population is a ready market for products that are in abundance in the US. Strengthening the relations further is what should be the initiative of both nations as they complement each other perfectly.